Looks like the 2018 Matchbox Globe Travelers are coming

Thought I’d share this from the York Toy Show today:

They are coming to a store near you soon.  Dealers too.

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  1. Ooh, very nice. Are these in the premium line, with the Matchbox equivalent of real riders? Are there more in the series or is this it in full? Thanks for showing!

    1. I believe these are the 2018 of what 2016 & 2017 Best of Matchbox Series were. The 2016 were 10 cars in the series, 2 sets of 5 each, and the 2017 was a set of 6 and a set of 5 for 11 total… not sure how many this new Goble Travelers Series are going to be though…

      1. Thank you for the info! Should be interesting to see them up close. Any attention that Matchbox gets is good for the brand and I’d love to see them get more attention, what we how many nice castings and details they have.

    2. Yes, this is the new premium line replacing Best Of, and yes, those are new “Real Riders”. That is the full line for now- six models. We will probably see more down the road (pun not intended).

  2. Nice, but the Ford GT40 is worthy of all attention. Probably won’t see these til late next year if the past couple Best of World is any indication. Thanks for the heads up Hector! BTW.. was this in York, PA?

  3. And by “a store near you,” I think in this case we’re still talking about Toys R Us (at least in the U.S.). I haven’t found any other stores that carry the premium Matchbox.

    Come to think of it, nobody else seems to carry Skybusters anymore, either. Has anybody found other sources that they’re willing to share?

      1. Thanks for the tip! The nearest Dollar General isn’t exactly near where I live, but I’d be willing to make a bit of a drive to find them.

    1. I don’t know about Skybusters, but if you’re shopping for the Best Of assortment, it is carried by some Kroger affiliates. Fred Meyer out here in the Northwest. The problem is, Fred Meyer has been stuck on the 2016 assortment for some time. I never did see the 2017 case show up.

  4. Happy to see the R8 back! Haven’t seen it since many years. GT40 and Gallardo look great too. Eager to see showcases of these.

  5. I’ve yet to see the second batch of the latest Best of Matchbox at my local stores (the one with the Alfa and Porsche 914). Don’t know when the release date of those was. And I struggled to find all but one in the first 2017 batch too, and yet 2016 BoM just keep HANGING at every Toys R Us I’ve seen. I don’t hold out much hope on seeing these beautiful models anytime soon, if at all.

    1. Same here Ben. I haven’t seen any cars from the 2017 waves at all. Heck, I’ve been so concerned about the first wave (Miura, VW Bus, Mercedes CLS…) that I keep forgetting there was a second wave. And yet I could go out to a store or two today and buy the entire 2016 set.

  6. Are my eyes deceiving me, or is that the original Defender mold, the one that’s a bit taller? If so, I’m glad it’s still around.

    1. You are correct- that is the ORIGINAL tooling with the complete metal roof- NOT the one with the huge plastic window or the smaller one. It looks really good. SO happy it is back!

      1. Sweet! Thanks for confirming my eyes weren’t failing me. I’m even a little surprised by how good it looks on tri-spokes. I like those wheels in general (hoping to see them on the ’62 Nissan Junior in the future) but I never would have guessed they’d look so smart on the Defender.

  7. Not the best assortment in my opinion. Is that why they decided to drop the “Best Of” title? LOL, just kidding! Anyway, I love the Ford GT and am intrigued by the Lamborghini police car, but the others are not exciting me. Generally I’d be interested in an Audi R8, but not in that, in my eyes, ugly green. Same goes for the Land Rover. I’d like to add it to my collection, but don’t care for this deco. Unless the deco on the Mini is an absolute knock out when I see it close up, I’ll pass. I couldn’t care less about Jeeps.

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