Don’t miss out on the deals at Wheel Collectors and Japan Booster before they expire

Just a heads up as we head into Cyber Monday that the deals at both Japan Booster and Wheel Collectors are coming to a close.  Lamley’s two longest-tenured partners always bring it during this holiday shopping weekend, and if you haven’t taken advantage yet, now is the time.

First, at Japan Booster, while the Damaged Box Sale is over, they have added discounts to a large amount of items in the store.  This is the ONLY time these are discounted, so grab them ASAP.  Also, the most popular TLV and Kyosho models are listed at auction as well.

Holiday Discount Items at Japan Booster

Then there is Wheel Collectors.  As always, this is a blowout, highlighted by their amazing stock of Hot Wheels Boulevard Datsun 510 Wagons.  But there is a ton more to grab, including 2017 Factory Set models.  Be sure to check them out before Cyber Monday is done:

2018 Factory Set Models at Wheel Collectors


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