The Matchbox 2018 teases continue with some C & D Case models.

I mentioned the Matchbox 2018 models would be coming in droves.  A is out, B is coming, and C and D won’t be far behind.  So, thanks to Abe and the gang at Matchbox, here is another tease of what is coming.  This is certainly not everything, so stay tuned for more. Oh, and photo coming soon.


5 Replies to “The Matchbox 2018 teases continue with some C & D Case models.”

  1. Blackwind is correct- THAT CIVIC!!!! indeed. It already looks really good!! I can’t wait to compare it to the Hot Wheels Type R. I have a feeling it will end up a lot like the Tesla Model S comparison… haha. I have always wanted a Matchbox Civic, and we got one. Now maybe in 2019 we can see a Matchbox Accord or Ridgeline.

  2. Lots of good stuff coming…I will never complain about additional releases of the classic Land Rover Ninety…that casting continues to stand the test of time. The Karmann Ghia is another killer casting I can’t get enough of, and I continue to be excited for the Golf Country that I may or may not ever see. The “Speedy Express” Ford van is a pleasant little surprise…it’ll go perfectly with the Speedy Express Box Truck of a few years ago with the same deco…back before that casting went plastic. Good stuff.

  3. They look great, good to see the Land-rover 90 back (I remember getting the first version of it in 1987)…just need to sort UK distribution out now…

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