Here are a few diecast storage and display gift-giving ideas

More on this later – I am going to do a video to show a few of these – but with the Holiday Gift Giving season upon us, I thought I would throw out some links to products I use for diecast storage and display.  There might even be a discount or two available here on Black Friday.

This is a bare bones post, but more photos and the video are coming next week.

Carney 108-count wall display (I am now up to 5, and considering more):

Creative Options Thread Organizer (what I use exclusively for storage):

Illumibox LED Display (I just got one of these, and it is crazy nice):

Sterling Protectors (if I keep em carded):

Auto World desktop displays (you can hang them, but I keep them on my desk):

4 Replies to “Here are a few diecast storage and display gift-giving ideas”

  1. I ordered 2 of the Creative Options thread cases last year based on Lamley’s recommendation. They work great! With my growing collection, I recently picked up 2 more. Next step, a wall display.

  2. $11 is way too expensive. Go to JoAnn Fabrics and sign up for their free mailer coupons [available on smartphone as well]. You will receive monthly coupons for 40-60% off an item. Or you can wait until they do their monthly in-store 50% off sales with no coupons needed.

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