If you see these two models, you have encountered 2018 Matchbox Batch A

Just a quick heads up on what will be a bit of a confusing start to the 2018 Matchbox year.  As I mentioned in the preview video below, Matchbox 2018 Batch A is already out.  You just may not know it.

Because of some delays, Matchbox 2018 Batch A ended up being a hodgepodge of models from 2017, including the VW Golf Country, Mercedes Benz G63 6×6, and Chevy Camaro.  For the most part, everything is a repeat.

But there are two models that are new to the 2018 A Assortment, and are technically 2017 models.  Because of some licensing issues, two models were dropped from the 2017 lineup, and Matchbox needed to replace them.  Both slots were filled by Matchbox Originals, because no licensing approvals were needed.  And here they are:

Those are the two, Sonora Shredder and Road Raider, both in red.  The Sonora Shredder is a recolor of the earlier debut in dark grey, and the Road Raider a recolor of a previous multipack exclusive in military green.

This may only interest the completists, but info is info, and there is a good chance you have already come across Batch A.  Batch B will soon follow, and will be full of new 2018 models, some of which were previewed on the Lamley YouTube Channel:

Another way to know you have hit Batch A is my grabbing the VW Golf Country.  If the card art matches the Montana Green color of the model, you have found Batch A.  Older versions of the Golf all had the bright green model art.

So 2018 is in full swing, just a little different than you might expect.  Keep an eye out.


7 Replies to “If you see these two models, you have encountered 2018 Matchbox Batch A”

    1. It would be great for them make the year/model somewhat more visible, for sure. With Hot Wheels I love that when the pegs are stacked, I can scan from below and see what’s what from underneath – saves a lot of time. With MBX I’m having to glimse at the picture, but there usually aren’t that many to go through (poor stocking) so it doesn’t matter too much. Hopefully that changes. I remember John’s post about the poor distribution and asking folks to take pictures of their store’s MBX pegs. In my area it’s improved a little, but not much!

  1. So I’ve seen the 2018s, cool. Honestly the Matchbox 280zx is my most anticipated upcoming release, I got so excited when I saw that casting/demo. A lot of folks thought it was a 280z, but it wasn’t! It was the 280zx! Awesome! It is one of my favorite cars and will be awesome to see a new iteration of a concept not seen from Matchbox since the 90s. Rock on!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. So that explains it. I’ve bought more Matchbox in the past 2 weeks than I have all year. Thank goodness for these repacks! I scored a Golf Country, VW Transporter, VW GTI, Mercedes G63 6×6, Mazda Miata, Tesla Model S , Jeep Gladiator and even a Volvo V60. What a nice early Christmas gift. Thanks Matchbox!

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