The best diecast sale of the year: The Tomica Limited Vintage “Damaged Box” Sale at Japan Booster begins tonight.

It has become a yearly tradition for many of you.  Turkey, Football, and the TLV Damaged Box Sale at Japan Booster.

So get those football games and turkey meals out of the way first.  The Damaged Box Sale begins at Midnight Pacific Time tonight.  (November 24th to be exact.)  Japan Booster has set up the Damaged Box Store at the link below, and at exactly Midnight Pacific Time it will be LOADED with Tomica Limited Vintage models for you to pluck.

Tomica Limited Vintage Damaged Box Sale at Japan Booster


If you don’t know what this is, let me explain.  For many Tomica Limited Vintage collectors, the condition of the box is just as important as the model that comes in it, just like, for many, card condition on Hot Wheels matters.  For that reason, Japan Booster will only sell mint models in mint boxes throughout the year.  But obviously, some of their stock will come in “damaged” boxes.  I put “damaged” in quotes because we are talking slight flaws like a dent, or minor tear or scratch.  Japan Booster keeps a very high standard for boxes, and these are all that didn’t make the cut.

But the models are mint.  And for many of you who love TLV but find the expensive prices hard to deal with, now is the time to grab what you want.  There will be quite a few available, included a ton of highly desired models.

But they go incredibly fast.  I know Midnight Pacific is in the middle of the night for many, but just consider this a Black Friday Run to Walmart overnight.  The deals are that good.

But it isn’t just Damaged Boxes.  Japan Booster will also offer quite a few of their Kyosho, Oversteer, and Tomica stock at discounted prices during Black Friday, so be sure to check the store as well:

Japan Booster eBay store

It will be a big day, and I will post a link as soon as it goes live, so be ready.  Good luck to all.

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