Case Report: Hot Wheels 36-count Kmart Collector Day 2018 B Case

I promised a photo Case Report.  It is below.

The event is tomorrow, so if you live near a Kmart head over and see what you can find.  If not, the cases are still available online.  And yeah, that online option is becoming the best option, with Sears/Kmart announcing even more closings.

Anyway, here is the actual video:

And here is the case, with all photos taken as I pull the models out 3-by-3.

(Click on the photos for a larger view.)

I have seen other assortments without the Defender, and the Super is the B Case Nova.  All in all, a nice case I think.

Let me know what you find and good luck!

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  1. Yeah, my opinion on this hasn’t changed…the one casting that might make this case worth it (the Civic) is just not different enough from the debut version to justify it. The steel wheels look nice, but this is a pass for me.

  2. That’s the case I got as well, though I couldn’t find the TH logo on the El Viento, as it’s the regular TH.

    1. My son just got one at the Kday event.. it has a front lip splitter that pivots down & do so gently (much like the Mustang).. this ‘unlocks’ the green transparent shield or cover.. just lift it off.. the TH logo is on the front hood slope! Enjoy!

  3. Got a couple of the Civics this morning, so left the store happy.

    Biggest surprise was the deco design on the Magnus Walker version of the Morris Mini, which was a first-to-market at today’s K-Day. What a great looking little model!


  4. Attended the Kday event.. waited in the cold, but it a good cold. At 9:00 std eastern time, we were allowed to enter the open doors.. we all proceeded back to the Christmas tree area.. an associate was there setting up,
    BUT WAIT??!! What the heck was she doing?? OH NOOOO!!?? She had opened a few of boxes already & had one box almost displayed out on the table… I couldn’t believe it! The associate was obviously uninformed or thought she was doing what was supposed to be correct!?!?! Wowwww.
    Anyhow, there were now about eight 36 ct boxes left for about 25 people! Last event in Sept. there was about 25 boxes available. Apparently, this location has a high turnover of managers, so the protocol is either non existent to the staff or communication doesn’t work there either. No STH’s but there was a few ’90 Civics which I got. My son got an El Viento TH.
    We’ll see in Feb!

  5. Costa Mesa CA- 4 of the B master cases, I guess they had 6 A master cases sent that were from last month’s K-days, and then they sent the manager (a cool guy who is down with K Days) some regular K cases? Probably 70 people there, not sure- I got lucky and got drawn in the first round to open a B case, got 2 Civics, both Skylines, and a regular 620 so I was stoked. I left before the #shitshow started for the leftovers- happy with my 5 cars, guess no mail in for me but not that stoked on it anyway. Not sure why they only got 4 B master cases when there are hardly any K-marts left in our area. The manager requested more from Mattel and got the K cases. Nice of him to try and get more.

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