Case Report: 2018 Hot Wheels International B Case

Right off the bat, this is a good case.  A really good case.

We can all judge cases how we want.  Some of you don’t like to call any current Hot Wheels 72-count assortments “great” because of the plethora of unlicensed models.  That is fine, but for me, reality is reality, and in the 2018 reality, there will be generics.  Thankfully there is a whole lot of other stuff in there that am most surely excited about.

Wanna guess?  Let me give you a hint:

It’s the R33 Skyline.

Need another hint?

It’s the R33 Skyline.

Ok, in case you couldn’t guess, it’s the R33 Skyline.  I’ll feature that soon.


In the meantime, here is the 2017 B Case Report, as photographed by Wheel Collectors.  As always, they pulled a case at random from their shipment from Mattel, and opened it 3-by-3.  You can see and buy all the models at their store:

Hot Wheels 2017 B Case Assortment at Wheel Collectors

Enjoy the pics.  Click on each for a larger view:

Like what you see?  Me too.  The models are coming, and so are the features.  In case you didn’t know, the Super is the Nova.  Here is one Wheel Collectors pulled from another case:

9 Replies to “Case Report: 2018 Hot Wheels International B Case”

  1. Those new B Case mainline hotwheels coming out are all awesome. I already have some of them and I will be on the hunt for the rest of them thumbs up.

  2. Well I have no problem calling this a “great” case. There’s a TON to look forward to here. The Skylines, Porsches, and even the muscle all look fantastic.

    I accept the reality of generics, but I really wish they’d knock it the hell off with the “tooned” vehicles. That Chrysler 300 is an abomination.

  3. That is an awesome case! Personally the r33 does nothing for me… and I love the old Japanese cars. The lr double cab is the one I must have in my life! The r30’s headlights just zing me. The rx7 is so good I fear I will have to add it to my completest list along with the 356a & Fiat 500. I only fear that I won’t see this case in my local stores until February.

  4. Would be nice if the remaining half of the 2017 international cases finally showed up in the UK. let alone the 2018. Terrible distribution this year. The worst ever.

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