Lamley Preview (Part 1): 2017 Hot Wheels Entertainment Forza 5-Car Set (with Toys R Us Exclusive Packaging)

This is a beautiful set.  Beautiful enough that I am going to give it a fair amount of attention before it hits TRU next month.

So here is Part 1.  The new Hot Wheels Entertainment Forza 5-Car set.  Full premium, with a new casting (Porsche 356 Speedster), and three new diecast chassis (BMW CSL, Ford GT Race, and Pagani Huayra).  And all packaged in a TRU exclusive box.

Part 2 & 3 are coming later.  Opening of course, and then a whole lot of photos.

Enjoy the video, and as always, thanks to Mattel for allowing me to preview these.

7 Replies to “Lamley Preview (Part 1): 2017 Hot Wheels Entertainment Forza 5-Car Set (with Toys R Us Exclusive Packaging)”

  1. Awesome forza Motorsport 5 car box set you open up and reviewed congrats thumbs up. I will be on the hunt for this set thumbs up.

  2. My favorite from the set is the 356 speedster, and getting this better look at it, just makes me love it even more!

    Those blacked-out steelie wheels are nice! Going to be buying extras just so I can do wheel swaps with those.

    Wondering how those wheels would look on the british ’70 Ford Escort RS1600 or the hakosuka or on some of the color variants of the 356A Outlaw… OR… On the Datsun Bluebird 510 and Datsun 620! Oh man! Cannot wait! Thank you Hot Wheels!

  3. After being completely surprised coming across the first Forza box set at Toys R Us some time ago, I’ve been wondering if they’d do the same thing for the second set, so I’m thrilled to see they are. Wish they’d picked a different car for the big box art, seeing as the Ford GT got the same job for the first set, but that’s just a minor gripe.

    Car-for-car, this might be the strongest Entertainment batch I’ve ever seen…that 356 is insane. Since the Huayra has been apparently been previewed before by HW, this may be known already, but I wonder if they fixed the Huayra’s chin in the transition to a metal base…

    1. I agree.. they should’ve changed things up and stuck one of the other car on the box instead of the Ford GT.. I wholeheartedly agree!

  4. Oh man, what a great looking set. Glad to see the Ford GT Race get the premium treatment but, wowzers, the Porsche speedster is epic! Good thing I placed a pre-order back then because this set will be hot. Can’t wait for the photos.

  5. Good set. My favourite is the BMW CSL followed by the 356 Speedster (wish they’d use some other colour cause that blue looks tacky). Ford GT also looks cool, Not a fan of the GT3 RS’s colour and design, looks very dull to me (THIS car should’ve been in that bright blue. Lame job from HW). Couldn’t care less about the Huayra. If there was a “most overused model ever” award the Huayra would be the undeniable winner.

    1. I must disagree about the 356’s color being “tacky”…it’s a very period-appropriate color for this vehicle..perhaps even one that’s pretty close to a real factory color from back then.

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