All 23 Hot Wheels Datsun 510, with 3 on the way.

I have traveled almost all month, and I am finally home with some time to take some photos.  I have quite a few features to do.  Thanks for putting up with my slow blog updates.

I did put this together today:

10 Replies to “All 23 Hot Wheels Datsun 510, with 3 on the way.”

  1. Awesome Datsun bluebird 510 collection you have congrats thumbs up. I have most of them in my hotwheels collection and I will be on the hunt for the rest of those thumbs up.

  2. I may be old school, but I sure do prefer pictures to the videos, especially when I have a week internet connection… Definitely one of my favorite models though.

    1. I love doing the photos too. When my travel schedule gets nuts, as it has this month, the videos are a good way to get stuff out. Trust me, the photos are going nowhere.

      1. I would assume, right off the bat, taking photos would be less time consuming compared to shooting videos.. but maybe since i’ve followed Lamley since it’s 1st year… (insert dramatic music) my heart will always go out to photos!

      1. However, it’s a very informative video. I’m a jdm nut and would like all the datsuns (don’t need grill/wheels variations tho) but trying to get them all off of ebay would break the bank.

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