Lamley Daily: Datsun 510 & the 2017 Hot Wheels Convention Exclusives

#lamleydaily – October 15th, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels Datsun Bluebird 510

Line: 2017 Hot Wheels Convention Exclusive

Where to find it: Ebay is pretty much the only option

Why its in the collection: I don’t think I need to explain this one too much.  At one point, back in about 2009/2010, when Matchbox was the primary focus of my collection, I vowed to only collect the Datsun 510 as my one Hot Wheels model.  That didn’t last long, and was a dumb idea, but it illustrates how much I have liked the 510.  So with this being one of five premium 510 releases coming in the next few months, I will not be one to complain.

I have talked enough about how the 510 went from massive pegwarmer to one of the most popular Hot Wheels around, so no need to rehash it.  It is still a trip though.  This particular model is very nice, especially on the chrome Real Riders.  But the deco isn’t as sharp as others.  But I still dig it, especially with the opening hood.


The 510 was one of three Convention Exclusives.  Every Convention has three models that paid attendees can purchase, with a limit of 2 per attendee.  There are other models, like the Dinner, RLC Party, and Finale Models, but these are the three Convention models.

But it is as simple as this.  Release a 510, it will enter my collection.

2 Replies to “Lamley Daily: Datsun 510 & the 2017 Hot Wheels Convention Exclusives”

  1. Awesome convention Datsun bluebird 510 you reviewed congrats thumbs up. I will be on the hunt for this one to find a good deal on it thumbs up.

  2. The Collector convention 510 model really looks great with full decal on the model. Seeing that the other alternative to buying a 510 in retail with real rider is to get the RLC exclusive after they are open to anyone on 10/12 but the ‘add to Cart’ after logging in before 9:00 am pacific never appeared and if it did after refreshing was only in gray.

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