Lamley Daily: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Mazda 787b & Nissan Atlas Hauler

#lamleydaily – September 30, 2017


Models: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Mazda 787b and Nissan Atlas F24 Safety Loader

Where to get them: Both are available now at Japan Booster

Why they are in the collection: These models couldn’t be more different, in most ways at least.  But they do share some important factors.  both come from the same brand, both are impeccably done by TLV, and both crazy popular.

Here is the funny thing about that last point.  Their credentials for becoming so popular among collectors?  One is a replica of the only Japanese car to win 24 Hours of Le Mans, which makes it one of the most well-known race cars ever.  The other hauls cars from one place to another.


Their credentials aside, they are just killer models.  Both prime examples of why TLV is the best quality 1/64 brand by a mile.  The detail is there for both, but it goes beyond that.  The 787b has two removable pieces, revealing the cars innards, while the Atlas has a full functioning bed.

Which makes both no-brainers for any collection, even for those who don’t collect TLV.  Having a replica of the 787b needs no explanation.  The car is a legend.  The Atlas makes collectors giddy just thinking about all the cool cars they can put on its bed.

I chose a couple of great TLV race cars.

And speaking of great TLV Race Cars, the 787b joins the Super Silhouettes in TLV’s fleet of 80’s and 90’s Japanese race cars.


I think I have made a good enough argument for these two.

3 Replies to “Lamley Daily: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Mazda 787b & Nissan Atlas Hauler”

  1. For the one hundred and ten dollars these two vehicles cost in total, they damn well better be great models!

    Not complaining. I’m an avid TLV collector since the line began over ten years ago. I own every TLV release except for two fantasy vehicles that I passed on.

    You definitely get what you pay for…but you DO pay!


  2. Killer models, but come on…no one would make a 787b suffer the indignity of being dragged onto a flatbed! I cringe imagining the crunching of parts as you scrape the nose and tail. I guess this is what we settle for until TLV does a dedicated covered race transporter (if they haven’t already)

  3. The Mazda is beautiful! But at my point in life, there is no way I can justify $67. I’d love to have a model of that car. Would actually prefer a plastic I could build up myself, but that paint would be a nightmare. I’ve never had luck with fluorescents. It’s a beauty for sure though! Thanks for letting me look…

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