The Matchbox European Gathering of Friends is this weekend in Leipzig, Germany. Here are some killer prepros up for auction.

Just like many of us were ramping up for the Matchbox Gathering in New Mexico last July, European collectors are doing the same right now for the European Gathering.

The Leipzig Toy Fair is this weekend, and one of the events associated with the massive show is the Matchbox Gathering.  Collectors from all over will attend to talk, trade, and purchase all things Matchbox, as well as spend some time with Abe Lugo himself.  The head designer at Matchbox is making his way to Germany to meet collectors and present some upcoming 2018 lines.

Of course another draw is the event model, the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 that we previewed a few weeks ago:

But that isn’t all.  Like at the July Gathering, there will be a charity auction held, with a plethora of awesome items, including several donated by Mattel.  There is a full list here:

European Gathering Auction Items

I also put together some highlights from the Mattel-donated items.

It should be a fantastic event.  I look forward to seeing photos and details.

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