Here is the Matchbox Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 Leipzig Toy Show Exclusive. All 3 of them.

I think we can call the Matchbox Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 an event model.  Literally, because two out of the three releases so for have been for actual events.  Figuratively, because anytime this model rears its head, it’s an event.

It’s an epic model.  Adding one to the collection is an event.

Literal and figurative will collide in late September, when the lucky attendees of the Modell Hobby Spiel Toy Show in Leipzig, Germany, visit the Matchbox booth and snag a 1-of-300 Matchbox G63 6×6 Exclusive.  Or consider those attending the Matchbox Collectors European Gathering the Saturday of the Toy Show.  They will walk away with a 1-of-75 or 1-of-125 variant.  Either way, that is one group of happy collectors:

Every year, the Leipzig Toy Show happens, and every year Dirk Schleuer and the folks at MOYShop create a massive Matchbox booth, full of all kinds of orange brand models, old and new.  And every year Dirk commissions an exclusive model for the event.  A model that is typically German, and done full tilt by Matchbox.  And they typically become some of the most sought-after models of the year.


The 6×6 will obviously be no exception.  First off, it’s a 6×6.  Second, it is loosely inspired by the Brabus builds (sinister matte black, claw marks, etc.)



Dirk typically makes the exclusive available to collectors worldwide after the event, but he is doing things a little different this year.

In the past, 500 models are produced.  This year, 200 of those will come with a deco variation.  125 of the 500 will have one design, 75 of the 500 another, and the remaining 300 will have the full convention deco.  All is laid out in the video above.  The 200 limited models will made available exclusively to the attendees of the Saturday Gathering, giving those that spend the time and money to attend the opportunity to have a model unique to the event.

Here is how it breaks down:


  • 300 produced – with hood stripe, fairground logo in blue on hood and side
  • 125 produced – with hood stripe, no fairground logo on hood and side
  • 75 produced – no hood stripe, no fairground logo

The variations are obviously not huge, and the core deco remains the same.  But this gives attendees the opportunity to have something unique.  Of course, if not all of these sell, they will be made available to everyone worldwide.  I will be sure to let Lamley readers know if that is the case, and where to get them.  You can also email Dirk at  Cost for the 1-of-300 will be 49 Euro shipped worldwide.

And those two Matchbox European Gathering Exclusives?  They are one of two treats Matchbox has planned for the European collectors.  Obviously access to such a limited model is treat #1.  Treat #2 is Matchbox Head Designer Abe Lugo himself will be attending, providing a full 2018 preview for European collectors.  This is a tremendous opportunity for European collectors to have their voice heard, and to pick the brain of the Design Team.  If you can attend, you should.

I think I got the all the info out.  Now, to go back and ogle over this brilliant model.  The 6×6 is a perfect Matchbox.  Unique, licensed, and well-executed.  This is the 3rd release, or 3rd, 4th, and 5th if you want to count all the variations.  Nonetheless, it’s a must-have. And it is cool to see it solely in Europe.





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