Here is the Matchbox 2018 Toy Fair Model.

Matchbox gave us another glimpse into 2018 this morning with a look at the 2018 Toy Fair Model, the Chevy Colorado.

For the third year in a row, the Toy Fair model goes burnt satin orange, after the Ghee-O Rescue and Mercedes-Benz G63 6×6, and it looks fantastic.

If you don’t know what the Toy Fair Model is, it is probably a good thing to explain.  These are not available at retail or to the public.  These models are made specifically for the Mattel Toy Fair, which is happening this week.  Mattel opens their doors to retailers to preview what is coming for the next year.  That goes for all Mattel brands, from Matchbox to Hot Wheels to Barbie and on and on.  Part of the event is a goodie-bag so-to-speak, which is full of cool exclusive items meant to promote each brand and give a sense to attendees of the direction of each.

Many of these will eventually make it to places like eBay, and that is the best, and in many ways the only, way to get one.  If anything, it does give us a nice idea of Matchbox in 2018.  Should be fun.

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  1. It may be another copper model, but it’s decorated after the rear model, and it’s looking nice! Love off road miniatures and this color, too bad I won’t be able to get my hands on one…

  2. I love when mid-sized trucks get some representation. It’s either the big trucks, small trucks, or some super modified version of the previous two.

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