Variation Alert: Matchbox Datsun 510 Rally with 6-spoke wheels

This isn’t the only time this model will be featured this week, and it is surely worth a large amount of coverage.  Later coverage will revolve around this:

But first, here is a wheel variation to look for.  The Matchbox Team hinted at an early run of Datsun 510 Rally models with 6-spoke wheels, and it looks like they are hitting.

FullSizeRender 6

The 510 is just starting to hit online, and I have heard of them being found at TRU.  Hobby shops like Wheel Collectors and A&J will have them as well.

The planned wheels for this model are the disks, as shown on the artwork and the FEP model Mattel provided for preview.  For whatever reason the first models off the line are sporting the 6-spokes.  The question will be how many actually were made this way.  At this point it is hard to tell.  The Matchbox Team thinks it will be a very early run, with the model quickly changing to disks.  But we have seen other times were the opposite is true, and it could be that the 6-spokes will be the more common wheel.  Only time will tell.


So keep your eyes open.  This is destined to be a popular model, and a wheel variation just adds to that.  More on the 510 to come…


15 Replies to “Variation Alert: Matchbox Datsun 510 Rally with 6-spoke wheels”

  1. I won’t be too bummed not to find this variation…the spoked wheels really aren’t the right look for the model. I;ll definitely pick one up if I find one, but no need to hunt.

  2. This may sound off topic but since you mentioned Toys R Us in the article, whatever happened to Majorettes there? Shouldn’t we be on the second or third batch by now? It seems as if they’re not selling all that well and may get discontinued in our market, which wouldn’t surprise me since the execution of the cars is pretty bad. I could be wrong but I’m curious to see what the future holds with this brand.

  3. I’ve seen Majorette there but they are below what expected. Size is wrong for me just don’t fit my collection but even if they were right below par in execution.

    As for this MBX 5s don’t fit but I’ll also grab it if I see it. This cast is really nicely done and the original wheels fit perfect. Like to see a stock version w/o the roof rack.

  4. This car vaguely reminds me of the old regular wheels Matchbox Fiat with the luggage on top with the rack cast into the top. But I like the Fiat much better. Anyways, the smooth-dubbed wheels look better on this car.

  5. I’m surprised at the comments regards the Majorette not being up to scratch. They have some decent castings, their AMG GT for instance is way more pleasing than the HW version. Maybe because I got a fair few for less than £2 helps, but they have a charm.

    1. I know this won’t make me popular with a lot of folks, but the Majorettes that have returned to U.S. shelves are not even remotely worth the $3.50 they’re charging. The decos are boring, the metal feels cheap (way cheaper than Mattel…some almost feel like you could bend them in half with one hand), the wheels are ugly…I know plenty of people will be like “but opening parts!” or “but they have bouncy suspension!”. I really don’t care about either of those things. The only thing I think they’ve nailed is casting choices, those I can get behind wholeheartedly. One of the few new Majorettes I have picked up was the Renault DeZir because it’s an awesome choice of model, and it looked to be well done. The ass-end of the car scrapes the ground, so it doesn’t roll. That doesn’t leave a good taste in my mouth.

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