A look at my new Hot Wheels Real Riders wall display.

Every once in awhile things need to get changed up.  I had a little time to do just that today, so I created a full Hot Wheels Real Riders display with one of my Carney wall cases.  (With one exception, if you can find it.)


It wasn’t a huge change, but with my desire to fill this display eventually with all Car Culture, I thought going the Real Rider route made sense.  The Matchbox that is in the case moves to another display, and this one, which also serves as the backdrop for Lamley videos, goes all RR.

It is only a cross section of models.  I may replace some as I move forward.  There are plenty that deserve a slot.  It starts with some Toy Fair models, moves to Convention models, then to RLC, some premium faves, Super Treasure Hunts, then, of course, Car Culture.


This should last a good 12 minutes before I change it again.

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    1. Yes.. I have a 1/25 scale Jada diecast w/rubber skins and it sits on top of an acrylic case housing another 1/25 scale ride.
      When I went to move things around for dusting.. I removed the Jada car and noticed faint black contact patch marks on top of the acrylic case.
      Since the car went back on top of case, if I go to remove the marks, I’m going to try & use WD40 (or other type lube) and some Kleenex to remove the marks. It should help dissolve the rubber from the acrylic w/out any harm.

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