It’s event season. You diecast collectors in California have it particularly good.

It’s JCCS Week.  I don’t know if “JCCS Week” is a thing, but JCCS most certainly is.

I’ve mentioned JCCS (Japanese Classic Car Show) a lot here.  It might be my single dedication to this one freakin’ car show in California that gave me that “Lamley only hypes JDM” label.  But it is single largest vintage Japanese car show in the US, and I love going.  And it gives me a reason to show Japanese cars, that yes, I love.  So, because this is my blog, I will always mention it.


It is this Saturday in Long Beach, and it is bound to be a doozy.  It grows every year, and the big guns (Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Nissan) and everyone else always come prepared to outdo the previous year.  But even with those big guns, the best thing about the show are the individuals that bring their automotive loves.  I’m heading into tangent-land, so I will reign it in, but let’s just say that going to JCCS is always a treat, even for dorks like me that fly from Utah to attend.

But I can’t go this year!!!  Aaaaaarrrgggghhhhh!!  Some scheduling conflicts at home mean I am staying in the Beehive State, and not helping man the Matchbox tent like I did last year.


It kills me, because it is going to be fantastic.  More on that later this week.

But this post isn’t just about JCCS.  It is to let you know that all kinds of things are happening this fall for us collectors.  I’ve already mentioned JCCS, but there are two more that merit some attention.  JCCS kicks off a 3-week run of events solely in California that, if you can, you really should attend.


Just one week after JCCS, on September 29th, is the Illest x Hot Wheels Diecast & Apparel Launch Party at Mattel Headquarters in El Segundo.  It is actually a custom car show – follow the link for details – that will help launch the latest Hot Wheels apparel line from Illest.  And the kicker?  There will be a special model available at the event as well: An absolute killer of a VW T1 Panel Bus in a plexiglass case that replicates its 1:1 counterpart.

And you can order it today:

Awhile ago I mentioned that the T1 Panel needed to escape from Pop Culture and get a proper deco.  Well, I don’t have to worry anymore.  This is an incredible model, and the T1 has NEVER looked better.  But even outside of my geeking out about the model, the event is a must-attend, and I can’t wait to see, and hopefully get my hands on, some of that apparel.  Alas, I can’t attend, but if you can, you should, but make sure you sign up.  Only the first 2000 can attend.

18623280_1391863437539744_602575682153635482_oThe third event, on the week after the Illest event, is of course the Hot Wheels Convention.  This doesn’t need much explanation, and considering it is sold out, enough of you have already made plans.

There is still the Sunday Toy Show open to the public, if you are not attending the Convention, so make plans.  Those of you going?  I will see you there.  I am thinking of having a little DLM get-together, but I need to see what works.  One way or the other, I look forward to seeing many of you there.  The models are crazy nice, and the event is bound to be great.  I can’t wait.

I would love to attend all these, and if time permitted I would.  But three weekend flights in a row, packed in between my already busy travel schedule is a bit hard.  But you California collectors, you have it good.  Take advantage.

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