It is so nice to see the Hot Wheels T1 Panel Bus getting some proper deco…

Hot Wheels and Illest/Fatlace dropped this yesterday:


That is the VW T1 Panel Bus.  You may not recognize it because there isn’t a Star Trek or Superman or Kermit or Wolfman or Mario on it.  It’s just the Van, in a clean Illest livery.

Thank goodness.

I have nothing against Pop Culture, it is a different series than the norm, and creative in its execution.  But it drives me crazy when castings as good as the T1 Panel and Dodge A100 get stuck in the Pop Culture cycle. It is fine if they are used a lot in Pop Culture, but only if they can escape here and there into other premium lines.  Like, say, Car Culture.  Or RLC.  Just let them sport a realistic deco and become the instant must-have of the time.  Because they will.

The A100 thankfully has had a chance to be a Kmart mail-in, and it’s three-deco run in the delivery series was stellar.  And the T1 did get an stunning deco for the Grateful Dead assortment.  But we need more.  For as cool as the T1 casting is, it is probably the most misused.

So this Illest version – based on Mark Arsenal’s very own bus – is not only most welcome, it’s exactly how this casting should look.  Illest and Hot Wheels have formed a recent partnership that you all should check out, and this van is part of that.  Who knows what else might be around the corner, but the van certainly suffices for now.  I have no idea when it will appear – other than next year – and I don’t know where.  My assumption is on the Illest site and in their stores, or maybe it is part of something else.  As soon as I do I will pass the info on.

For now, just be happy it is coming…

A video posted by Mark Arcenal 👻 MarkFatlace (@mark.arcenal) on Nov 4, 2016 at 11:40pm PDT

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  1. What exactly did they do to warrant a product version? Oh yeah a simple re-paint/wheel swap and throw on some water slide decals. So much time and work went to that……fucking hell the only thing they really put intuition time into was painting the head lights other than that any Joe Schmoe can do that crap! I've seen people put a lot more time and effort to not customs and get snubbed but if you're a popular person you get high praises as if you made a masterpiece!

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