Everyone needs a hauler in their collection. Hot Wheels is offering up a nice one tomorrow.

The HWC website is updated, so it is now time to just get on with it.  It’s time to buy some cool cars.

As Hot Wheels collecting continues to evolve, it seems the RLC has remained somewhat stagnant.  Hopefully with the new website and – fingers crossed – no more delays, it can catch up.  Time will tell.

It starts tomorrow.  The first sale for the new site begins at 9AM Pacific Time, and it is nice model to start with.  For two reasons.  One, it is a cool model (more on that in a second, and two, this helps test the site for the mayhem that will be the Datsun 510 sale that is coming soon.  Let’s hope things go well.

Ok, the model up for sale.  It’s the Cabbin’ Fever.  At first you might tell yourself you aren’t interested, but don’t say that right away.  It’s a hauler.  A stylish hauler.  And you need one.

There are different elements to collecting Hot Wheels.  One that every Hot Wheels collector should dabble in are these “ultra-premium” models.  You mainly see them at conventions and on the RLC.  Hot Wheels goes all out on the deco, and the models are usually popular castings or top-of-the-line original designs.  Models like the VW Drag Bus, Daily Delivery, Blown Delivery, and Texas Drive ‘Em.  The Cabbin’ Fever is one of those.

Designed by Mark Jones, it COE beauty.  And this one goes blue full tilt.


And speaking of tilt.


It’s a killer casting.  Maybe you don’t need everyone released, but I will argue that everyone needs one, and this is a good candidate.  Plus, it’s a hauler.  You NEED a few haulers.


Old and new.

So, let’s get back in the swing of things with the RLC.  Make this site work.  Make it ready for that 510 and all the other cool things planned (and trust me, there are some really COOL things planned).  And you get a beautiful hauler in the meantime.

All the details are here.

(Thanks to Mattel for providing the model for preview.)

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