Hot Wheels unveils the Car Culture modified Honda Odyssey, and I am sensing a theme.

Over the last couple of days, both the official Hot Wheels and Hot Wheels Design Instagram accounts posted this tremendous photo:

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We're proud to partner with @bisimoto on the replica of his awesome 1000+HP Honda Odyssey. While we did start with our Basics version as a base, those with eagle eyes will notice several changes to the body. @mark8lander moved the bumpers to the body (zinc weight isn't as much of an issue in premium lines) and the open roof is now modeled into his signature roof box. Chassis is also zinc! we weren't able to tool up the @fifteen52 wheels specifically, but we all agreed that our exotic 5-spokes were pretty darn close. 👍 @steven_vandervate got that deco down just like the real deal! What a fun project that started as a one-off the #hotwheelsdreamteam built for him a year ago. We're honored that Bisi shows the one-off whenever his 1:1 is on display. Now you'll all have the opportunity to add this machine to your collection as it appears in an upcoming #hwcarculture mix. Congrats Bisi on our first collaboration of many to come.

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First off, it is awesome to see Hot Wheels and Bisimoto in cahoots.  This collaboration may not make Hot Wheels faster, but it will most surely produce some small scale eye candy.  And that starts with this new Odyssey.

The Dream Team points out all the changes to the new premium Odyssey, so I won’t repeat them.  But the model is quite a bit different than the basic version, including the very cool roof box addition.  And it looks gorgeous.

photo credit: Speedhunters

As the Design Team mentioned, this will be in an upcoming Car Culture assortment.  I am going to now type a few sentences, and not link them together in any way.  This is a Car Culture Honda Odyssey.  It is a van.  In the first year of Car Culture, there was an assortment called “Trucks”.  Hot Wheels has teased a Hakosuka Skyline Wagon.  We have seen a premium van teased somewhere else.  Hot Wheels has done some pretty cool wagons and vans of late.

I know nothing, Jon Snow, but I love Car Culture, and I love thinking about all the possible assortment themes that could be done.  Crossing my fingers.

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  1. That looks absolutely killer. If they do a wagon/van assortment of Car Culture, my head will just explode. So much awesomeness.

  2. If they do a van/wagon assortment, I am reaaallly hoping the Chevy Nova Station Wagon. It’s a great and underrated casting that truly deserves a proper premium treatment

    1. That’d be nice…it’d be cool if they did the panel version. I have the “100 Grand” Pop Culture release of it, which is ok, but I’d love to see a more appropriate livery on it. A simple deco with some subtle pinstriping would be cool.

  3. DON’T mix up van, minivan and wagons. All three are different types of vehicles and even though I know what message you’re trying to give out, it still cannot be ignored that those three cars are not the same.

    As for this so-far-unnamed Car Culture assortment, I hope there is at least one Euro wagon and not just the same old Jap and American stuff.

  4. I know this a idea but they could the dodge caravan casting and join that with this van for car culture. Didn’t do a caravan in the boulevard series way back?

  5. THIS does look exciting for the Car Cultre line. I agree about the Nova wagon, underrated casting as well as one that hasn’t gotten the best decal treatment. That did get improved with the lastest 5 pack, the Surf edition, it looks really nice and I put some crager chrome 5 spokes on it for my own premium look and it improved it exponentially, so let’s go Hot Wheels, YOU CAN DO IT. 😋

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