Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Speed Machines Lamborghini Gallardo Police

#lamleydaily – August 30, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels Lamborghini Gallardo

Line: 2009 Hot Wheels Speed Machines

Where to get it: HW Speed Machines Lamborghini Gallardo on ebay

Why it’s in the collection: With all due respect to the Matchbox Lamborghini Police car, this is my favorite Gallardo from either brand.  I have sung many times about how awesome the Speed Machines were, and this one was one of the best.

Sure, no lightbar, and essentially the police livery on a standard Gallardo casting, but the deco is tremendous, and the look amazing.  And with those grey Speed Machines co-mold wheels?  Such a gem.  Maybe my favorite Hot Wheels police cars.

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  1. The only time I think Hot wheels was better than Matchbox. The Mbx is too high, the wheels are too big and this particular livery the paint was too thick and its tampos were not as accurate as Hot wheels. And the glass engine cover on the Hot wheels is the cherry on top of the cake.

  2. Awesome speed machine Lamborghini gallardo LP 560-4 you reviewed congrats thumbs up. I have this one also in my hotwheels collection thumbs up.

    1. No disresoect but you post the same comment for everything, especially on the Hot Wheels site. Saying the same thing for everything renders your opinion meaningless and quite frankly gets to be annoying after a while.

      1. Well I think you can expect me to like what I am posting in the Lamley Daily because I am showing cars from my collection.

      2. Yes I like and I love you showcasing hotwheels from your collection. That is why I say Nice comments to you all the time congrats thumbs up.

      3. To me gets annoying when I here you Guy’s complain all the time this and that about Mattel and hotwheels. And you Guy’s keep saying the same stuff over and over again to the people at Mattel thinking that it is gonna help you Guy’s about what you want and what you don’t want and to me that gets annoying after a while.

    2. Seriously. Every post. You have one in your collection or you will be on the hunt for this one, thumbs up. I’m trying to figure out if you’re human or a bot.

      Are you trying to make some point about “And you Guy’s keep saying the same stuff over and over again to the people at Mattel” or just want to see your name on every Lamley post?

      1. Sam Ace is my favorite commenter. He is a long-time collector who loves collecting Hot Wheels and whose excitement is contagious. As the owner of Lamley, I feel lucky that Sam reads my blog and watches my videos.

      2. Thank you for the Nice comment congrats thumbs up. When are you gonna do the blog about me. Please let me know and thank you my Friend congrats thumbs up.

      3. I just like to let everybody know that I like and I love everything out there in hotwheels. And I’m not a robot. I’m human. And I’m that kind of person that likes to say nice comments about hotwheels all the time. I’m not like you Guy’s where you complain and say bad stuff about hotwheels and Mattel. To me that ain’t right and that hurts peoples feeling’s. So that is why I don’t like reading your post about that stuff. I’m probably one of the Best hotwheels collectors out there and I’m probably one of the best customers for hotwheels and Mattel. Where I just about buy every new hotwheels vehicle that comes out. Where you Guy’s don’t do that.

      4. I think the point these guys are trying to make (rather un-diplomatically) is that it lessens the effect of your comment if every comment is identical or close to identical. Allow me to be more constructive than the other guys: what is it about a given casting that makes you like or love it? How do you think a given casting could have been done better? (and bear in mind there’s a difference between complaint and critique). Are there any cool stories about how you acquired a certain casting? Part of what makes a blog fun is the interaction in the comments section, and when you post the same comment for everything, it closes the door to a possible conversation (at best), and makes you look like a bot (at worst). I don’t doubt you’re a great collector, but most collectors who are passionate about what they collect have a little more to say about it than that they love a casting and will be on the hunt for it. Open up! Share your opinion!

      5. Let me give you another angle. There are folks out there who only focus on the joy of collecting. Sam is one of those people. I am thankful for him, and the joy he feels in collecting. No need from his perspective to be critical, because he just enjoys collecting. That is his approach, and I celebrate it.

      6. To me the Guy’s at Mattel hotwheels do an awesome job on every hotwheels vehicle they make with the body, the base, the interior, the windows, the colors, the tampos, the wheels, the details, and all the different series they come out in. And to me it doesn’t matter if they’re metal or they’re plastic. And it don’t matter to me what kind of wheels, tampos, details, or colors they put on them. To me hotwheels is the Best diecast car company in the world. To me hotwheels beats out all other diecast companies thumbs up. I will be collecting hotwheels for the rest of my life thumbs up.

      7. Hey, the comments below I have no issue with. I think that what some of us are saying (and we could probably say it better) is that if you make a comment on every single post Lamely puts up following a boilerplate format:

        “Awesome (Name of car reviewed) You reviewed congrats thumbs up. I (A. Have this in my collection) OR (B. Will be hunting for this) thumbs up.”

        It becomes pretty meaningless. Like the people who love to post “First!” on comments. It doesn’t really SAY anything. Clearly you have opinions about Hot Wheels, but just saying everything is awesome just makes you a LEGO figure. 😉

    3. No offense to you buddy but just blindly following and supporting a company and buying anything and everything they put out is plain stupid. If I am spending my own hard earned money on a product I want it to be worth it. And if it’s not, I will say so. And Lamley gives me a chance to make my opinion heard. I’ve been here since the very start and one of the best things about the blog is the ability to share your opinion with everyone. If any product is not up to mark, it is important to be critical of it and let the makers know so they can improve, rather than just blindly buying whatever they dish out.

      And believe me, if we collectors were not making our voices heard (and yes, complaining) a few years ago when Matchbox was doing very badly, we would not have seen the tremendous 2018 line-up and all the brilliant new models and premium sets that are coming.

      1. You have to remember also that these are just toy’s and they’re mostly for the kids. Yes they do some stuff for us adults. But they mostly think about the kids. Kids are first and adults are second. Because if kids weren’t picking this stuff up and if it was just us collectors picking this stuff up the companies wouldn’t be making the money like they should be and they would go out of business. So you have to remember kids comes first and us adults come in second.

  3. I’d love to have this one in my collection, but having never seen it in person, I’m happy to have the 60th-anniversary Matchbox version and be satisfied with it. I’ll just put my fingers in my ears and say “la-la-la-la-la” when you say this one’s better 😉 The price is a bit prohibitive.

    I do wish I had more Speed Machines…they were on the pegs right in the beginning of when I really started collecting, so it was a combination of me not knowing the significance and not being a fan of the comold wheels (which have grown on me quite a bit) that stopped me buying more. I have a dozen or so speed machines in my collection (all loose of course) and I think my favorite is the red McLaren F1 with yellow F1 wrap-around lettering, followed perhaps by a silver Audi TT.

  4. Speed Machines are dope. A release like Vintage Racing and/or ROADRCR lines would be nice nowadays, but don’t thin you’ll ever top the ones mentioned.
    Should be interesting to see how the Modern Classics are going to look. I doubt they’ll have that Spectraflame type mirror finish.
    Remember the 2016 Garage line? Were they supposed to be like the original Garage series? The ’16 release Garage cars were just basically mainline cars… very disappointing.

  5. I will be on the hunt for this if it ever goes down to a reasonable price on eBay…..perhaps sometime before the 22nd century. High five!

  6. I had a chance to pick up one of these when they were out. Passed on it thinking there are no real Lambo police cars, even though it looked cool. Turns out they really exist in Italy.

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