Here comes the new Hot Wheels Land Rover Defender Double Cab, and yet another awesome new Real Rider wheel.

The Hot Wheels Dream Team feed on IG is on a roll.

After posting a ridiculous new deco for the 180SX (it’s below), late tonight emerged the new-for-2018 Land Rover Defender Double Cab.

If the Matchbox Defender is any indication, this model is going to be a massive hit.  And it looks to be beautifully executed.

But Hot Wheels through in a little twist as well.  This model will debut in the basic range, with basic wheels, but for this pic, the Defender is sporting the new fifteen52 off-road Real Rider wheel.  For this pic, Hot Wheels Marketing guru and toy nerd on IG swapped out the basic wheels to show the new Real Rider.  And like the Defender, it is pretty awesome.  He sent me some closeups:

IMG_7209 2

It seems Hot Wheels has been going for variety and realism in their new wheels, both basic and Real Riders.  These new wheels are no exception.  Start thinking about all the castings these will work on, because you will most likely see them in the future.

IMG_7212 2

Check out that tread!

Just to reiterate, these will NOT be on the mainline Defender, but they are coming in 2018 as well.  Keep your eyes open.

Oh yeah, that Advan 180SX:

Excited for 2018?

10 Replies to “Here comes the new Hot Wheels Land Rover Defender Double Cab, and yet another awesome new Real Rider wheel.”

  1. Now THAT is a solid new wheel design! I like it a lot. Can’t wait for this casting too, definitely a couple things to be excited about. And the 180SX continues the onslaught of JDM goodness. Good stuff.

  2. No excitement here for the new wheels – we don’t get real riders in the UK. Come on Hot Wheels – send them to the UK and improve distribution and expand the minuscule merchandising. Matchbox too.

  3. Hello there! That came out of nowhere! HW doing a Defender that is not lifted or has oversized wheels? 10/10 excited.

    The 180SX? Not excited at all. Wheels look terrible.

  4. Yes I’m excited for hotwheels in 2018. Those new hotwheels and those new wheels coming out are all awesome. I will be on the hunt for those thumbs up.

  5. Looking good! Ever since the Matchbox Defender got smaller, I haven’t loved it. This one looks good, and those wheels are fantastic. By the way- this is my favorite 180SX Since the debut. Those wheels are awesome.

  6. Hot Wheels seems to be on a streak with all of there fantastic new castings and debuts with every passing year! I can tell just by the start of 2018, HW will focus even more on old school JDM along with a hint of modern European and Japanese sports cars and exotics! And then this Land Rover! Sweety sweet! I wonder if the hype for this one will be just as high as the first edition Matchbox in white all the way from 2006! BTW, that 180SX is lookin’ good not only with the tasteful livery, but with those retro disc wheels! They remind me a lot of the Matchbox laser wheels from the 80s. 2018, you’re on the right track!

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