Matchbox Camo has hit, and I won’t make a joke about how it is hard to find because it is camouflaged.

I am sure there will be plenty of “they don’t need to be camouflaged, because they are already hard to find” comments, so I won’t make them.  Even though I did.  (Classic Trump technique.)

If you are in the US, and have a Walmart nearby, there is a good chance you will find the new Camo Series from Matchbox:

It took awhile for these to make it to stores (I previewed them back in September of 2016), but at least they made it.  Because it is an awesome set.  As I said in the preview, this Camo series really puts the Hot Wheels Camo to shame.  The art is great, and the execution stellar, with the camouflage covering the entire model.  It is a set totally worth having.


Maybe I will do a HW v MBX Camo post and video, but we know that outcome.  It will be fun anyway.  Nevertheless, hit your Walmart and grab a set.

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  1. I did run across this set at mine last week, but only got the Raptor, since that’s really the only one that appeals to me because honestly, these cars are uuuuugly. They look really tacky and the fact that a bunch of old castings are used makes it a downer. To me it just adds to the horrible selection of pegwarmers sitting right behind them. But hopefully, 2018 will put an end to this dilemma.

  2. I found these at 5 Wal-Mart’s. Unsurprisingly all the toyota land cruisers were taken. So I just went ahead and bought 1 on eBay because I’m sick and tired of the hunt.

  3. Just found these today…picked up the only three I care about (Raptor, Rhino and Land Cruiser). While not the most thrilling of exclusive sets, the camo is quite well-done (especially compared to the Hot Wheels ones). The unfortunate re-tool of the FJ40 is actually disguised quite well on this release.

  4. I found all but the Toyota and Raptor so far. I think they did a great job on these for one big reason- the casting selection is spot on! An ATV/Yamaha? Definitely. Jeep “style” vehicles/Toyota,Hummer and Jeep? Yep. Snow “military” vehicle? Got it. The $1.27 cost may scare away a small group of people, but I think they will sell as long as they are not “overstocked”- I think my local WalMart stocked the Jeep series 5 times-at least. They just kept showing up! Good work stepping up Hot Wheels, Matchbox.

  5. I like them if I find all at one time I’ll grab them if not I’ll get the ones that appeal to me. Won’t hunt for them.

  6. I commented rather lengthy on the Sept 2016 post about this sets tardy arrival as well as the Matchbox versions of Color Changers which I can’t figure out where you posted anything at all on those. The mixed Walmarts around me have a decent showing, I would like to note the obvious, the picture you posted shows them hanging from the normal price post and these cars are actually $1.27 or thereabouts. I don’t see a trend yet appearing around me in North Houston with certain cars gone, but one thing is bugging me as I type this, why did Mattel give us the other camp series at a cheaper price, perhaps that is some fuel for your comparison. On a similar note, now that it seems my local Walmarts have “reset” their toy sections, WHEN will the Jeep series stop warming the pegs that the Landrover series is supposed to occupy?? Oh yea, another poke at the orange group, the Jeep series is only a $1, not upcharged, okay I think my raving lunacy is over for this post.

  7. good luck finding them in Socal- I’d grab the FJ if I saw it, but i won’t…. the Raptor would be cool too… but they still have the crap HW camo cars on the racks, ouch, year and a half old maybe?

    1. Christopher, saw a bunch at Walmart in Escondido over the weekend. I passed on getting any of them. To me, this is one of those times where the cars look better in pictures.

      1. Thanks for the info David! Not really on the hunt for these, but I appreciate the tip on Escondido- nice to see somebody offering info- the people I run into in the stores are sometimes cool, and then there are the clowns that make me take a step back and wonder why I want to look for little toy cars. That said, I might take a drive down to the 78 this weekend, thanks man!

    2. I’ve seen multiple complete sets including restocks at a variety of WalMarts throughout Riverside/San Diego county.

    3. No problem on the leads. The toys r us here in Escon is always stripped clean. I can never find anything there. I wouldn’t even bother with that place. I actually have a lot of newer models that I’m trying to unload so if your having a tough time finding somethong let me know. I’ll sell them to you at cost or trade etc.. I’m moving more into tarmac works, tlv, etc. Have matchbox and hot wheels. Email zimm0151@yahoo

    1. There’s been no Matchbox for sale in Thailand since 2013. I don’t see the situation improving as Siku from Germany now occupies the former Matchbox shelf space.

  8. Is it just me, or are MB cars getting smaller in scale with each passing year? That Raptor is ridiculously small next to the Toyota Landcruiser.

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