As is the Custom: The amazing premium model rusted customs of Joe Kanno

Try to remove the minicar context of this blog for one second, and watch this short video:

It looks like a real rust yard.  Then you find out that this little scene is the creation of 1/64 diecast customizer.  Those old rusted beauties are all customs.  Some more pics:

They are by Joe Kanno of Japan, better known as @ndzm23 on Instagram.  His customs are easily worthy of a full As is the Custom focus here, and are noteworthy for several reasons, but two in particular:

  • His skill.  His rusted and weathered creations are top-notch.
  • His canvas.  Joe doesn’t just use $1 Hot Wheels, but instead the much more expensive, and more realistic, Tomica Limited Vintage, Kyosho, and other premium brands.

The result is an amazing array of realistic looking cars, something that could easily be seen driving – or decomposing on – the back roads of Japan.  This is something that is easier to show instead of describe.  So I am going to.

Customizers showcase their talent in a myriad of ways.  Some have incredible building skills, others are super creative, and on and on.  I love showcasing the best of the best, those that have a signature style so to speak.  Add Joe Kanno to the list.

As always, As is the Custom is supported by 7Eightoys, purveyor of custom wheels for all your 1/64 needs.  Find them at @78toy4dr.

Now on with the customs.  Many thanks to Joe Kanno for sharing this beautiful pics, and be sure to follow him on Instagram.

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  1. Great stuff. Makes me want to start that wall mounted diorama display case I’ve been thinking about. Maybe next year.

  2. Very well done. Love the look of the weathering done on these. Of course I don’t want my 1:! car to look like that.:)

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