The August Release from Tomica Limited Vintage is now available.

A quick heads up that Tomica Limited Vintage has released its August assortment.  It isn’t a large release – 5 models total – and it is very Japanese.  And they are all available at Japan Booster:

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

The batch sees two new castings, the 1959 Toyota Patrol and the Nissan 2000XE-II Gazelle Convertible.  I am always happy to see new police vehicles, but it is the Gazelle that grabs my attention.

IMG_0577 2

Crazy deco right?  For a diecast manufacturer that does almost exclusively stock vehicles, this one seems a little out of place.  But this is a replica of one of the character’s cars from the tv show Seibu Keisatsu, a police drama full of exploding Nissans and gun-toting, cigarette-smoking police detectives.  I am looking forward to seeing this one in person.

The other models are pictured below.  This may not be the most universal batch from TLV, but it definitely embedded in what TLV is.  There is a lot to come in the next few months, including the highly anticipated Mazda 787B and Atlas Hauler, both of which are available now for pre-order on



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  1. New poster here. I just picked up my first 2 TLVs: the orange 2017 Nissan GT-R and the matte gray 2017 Nismo. I’m absolutely AMAZED at the detailing and correct proportions. I just placed reservations for both the Mazda 787B and the Atlas Safety Loader. Really looking forward to collecting more TLVs!

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