And just like that, Matchbox Best of World Release B is now available.

Preview it one day, it arrives the next.

Wheel Collectors has the brand new Matchbox Best of World Release B:

Matchbox Best of World at Wheel Collectors


I have no idea when these are hitting retail stores, but it is nice to have at hobby stores.  Time to grab what you want.

Matchbox Best of World at Wheel Collectors

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  1. Well if I stick to my general rule of only buying what I can find in stores, I’ll probably run across one or two of these in 6 months. If I’m lucky.

  2. I last looked at approx Dec 2015 when Lamley announced the MBX B of W Release A, but it wasn’t until I about a couple of months ago when I saw evidence of the green Mercedes Benz from that line in a TRU. What the hell?
    Why does it take so long to get these ‘toys’ into a retail box store, especially a TRU?
    I understand diecast vehicles are taking a hit because a vast amount of children aren’t playing with them compared to past sales.
    But if collectors are the next best customer, then why would it take upwards of a year and a half to get these products on store shelves? Stupid crazy man!

  3. I love my MBX I think their basic line are better than HotWheels in a lot of ways. That said I’m not impressed with this series maybe they’ll look better when I see them at my local store.

    Found a great little piece this week from the HW Lamborghini series, the sweet Lambo Countach. Noticed that it’s all metal even the wing which is becoming a rare thing. My best. find of the week.

    1. Cheaper than what? The unfortunate box art has been on these since the debut of this line a couple years ago. But yes, it is cheap-looking, especially when you compare it to the superb card art on the HW Car Culture series

  4. Shame about the Citroen , but nice all the same . Would have been cool to see the Alfa in another color as well ( not including red ) . I will get a set in the mail for about what it would cost me in the shops to buy around my neck of the woods, so I’m happy with that .

  5. Matchbox have been very lazy with these releases, the Porsche 914 is EXACTLY the same as the Lesney edition release apart from a wheel change, the Alfa has been released before in this colour, Chevy Blazer…..REALLY ????? The Bentley is similar to the Best of British release, and another Dodge Magnum police car to go with the other Magnums in someone’s collection. Do Matchbox not do any consumer research before releasing these, or do they just not care ?

  6. I like the Porsche, Alfa Romeo (but the 2008? version is better I think, and I prefer the wheels from the 2008) and Bentley, especially the color of the Bentley, and the RR wheels! 🙂

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