Tarmac Works has landed in the US, and the first models are available now.

In the last couple of months, I have gotten more questions about Tarmac Works than any other diecast brand.

It is a wide range of questions to be sure, but the sheer number shows the level of curiosity that Tarmac Works has created among collectors worldwide.

Up until now is what was easier for collectors in Asia to satisfy that curiosity, but now the time has come for collectors here in the US.  Our friends at SURPLUSgoodies are the first US-based dealer of Tarmac Works, and the first batch has arrived.  You can see it here:

Tarmac Works at SURPLUSgoodies

Two Audi R8 LMS, a Civic Type R, and the Greenlight/Falken/TW Nissan GT-R Collaboration.  The GT-R aside (it’s great, but we already are well familiar with Greenlight), it is the Audi pair and Civic that will be new.  An incredible amount of detail, perfect proportions (TW actually redid the Audi casting to make it more accurate), and significant racing liveries.  They look nice in pictures, but INCREDIBLE in person.


I have said before in my features on brands like Tarmac Works and Kyosho, that these 1/64 models are for a different way of collecting.  The pieces on these models are precise, made as small or thin as needed in order to accurately replicate the real thing in 1/64.  They are 100% for display, whether in the package, on a shelf, or in a diorama.  That means some times the wheels don’t roll.  But you don’t want to put these down a track anyway.

You are seeing more and more diorama sets hitting the market, and there is a reason.  This type of collecting, which has been massively popular in 1/43 and larger, mostly in Europe in Asia, is making its way to 1/64.  Now it is seeping into the US.  And Tarmac Works is following.

So grab a couple and let me know what you think.  Having a dealer her in the US means these models can be made available at a cheaper price.  Hopefully a few of you jump in.

Tarmac Works at SURPLUSgoodies

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  1. “They look nice in pictures, but INCREDIBLE in person.” That just sums it up perfectly. When I saw the retooled Audi R8 LMS in one of your videos, i wasn’t really that into it. But in person, it’s just next level quality. Now i REALLY REALLY dig the model. I also got the chance to see the upcoming BMW M3 E30 in person, and that one looks terrific as well. Real big fan of Tarmac Works, in their short existence, they’ve become possibly the most exciting racing livery diecast company.

    1. Nope, car is totally accuate. Audi Sports Team #28. Keep in mind some race series require everyone to run the same type of tires to decrease any advantage.

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