The Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Vintage Racing Darrell Waltrip’s Mercury Cyclone

#lamleydaily – August 8, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels ’70 Mercury Cyclone

Line: 2011 Vintage Racing

Where to get it: Hot Wheels Vintage Racing on ebay

Why it’s in the collection: The 2011 Vintage Racing series is best known these days for the BRE Datsun 510, but the fact is the whole line is worth collecting.  Starting from scratch today would make it very difficult, and very expensive.  I would love to have the whole collection but I am resigned to the fact that I won’t.  Thankfully for the most part I have the models I like the best, and Darrell Waltrip’s Cyclone is definitely one of them.

It is a history thing, but that applies to all the Vintage Racing models.  It is more of a looks thing.  Hot Wheels went all out on Vintage Racing, and it is really too bad collectors didn’t embrace it back then.  It would have been a tremendous series to continue.  But it went the way of most HW premium series, and is now history.  Thankfully enough models were released before the series died.

6 Replies to “The Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Vintage Racing Darrell Waltrip’s Mercury Cyclone”

  1. A great casting from a brilliant series ,Thankfully it was one I actually was able to complete, My passion is for race cars old and new

  2. I like and I love Darrell Wartrip’s 1970 Ford mercury cyclone and I like and I love the vintage racing set and I have the complete set thumbs up.

  3. This is one of the MANY vintage racing models I couldn’t find on the pegs. I really only have a few of them, but I think my favorite of those is the teal #44 “Morse Ford” Galaxie 500. It’s damn near perfect…front & rear tampos, a killer paint job, wicked stance. Such a great series overall.

    Where else has this Cyclone casting been used? Seems to be one of the many underused ones in the back-catalog.

    1. Correct, this casting has only been sparsely used. 2009 Larry’s Garage is the one series i know it was used in (albeit with plastic bases), though for some reason I keep thinking there was some other release before that.

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