New Justice League Hot Wheels appearing in New Zealand. What pegs will they clog next?

The Team of Three at DiecastTVChannel found these yesterday in New Zealand:

Cool Art.  Right?

Two things.  Is this a giveaway that Superman is coming back, even though we know Superman is coming back?  (Side note: Do I know this because of all the Facebook posts on this movie I have no desire to see?)

Second, I assume this will hit other markets as well, including here in the US as a Walmart exclusive.  I have no idea how these types of models do overall, but they do seem to hang.  A lot.

This was a store I visited yesterday looking for the new Zamacs:

Those have been in that store for awhile, just moved from one place to another.  Looks like DC and Marvel can battle for pegwarming supremacy along with box office supremacy.


(Many thanks to the Team of Three for allowing me to share the video.  Worth a YouTube subscription for sure.)

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  1. I usually hate these with a passion mainly because in my opinion the castings they use are just hideous junk. However, I see a Power Pro/Super Tsunami (hot wheels take on the Supra) so I’ll be sure to be on the lookout for that. As Samuel Ace would say in every single comment on this blog, “thumbs up”

    1. After time I think the thumbs up is a result of an icon or emoji being translated to English text. I like it.

      As for the models, I hope they end up at a children’s hospital when cleared fro the pegs. I have never seen anyone even looking at them let alone buy them.

  2. Honestly, I know there is SOME market for these, but HW always seems to overdo it and they sit on pegs and in bins for way too long, get destroyed and look crappy. Even the Star Wars set (The mainline, not the Pop culture) seemed to just hang around, no pun intended. And the more that go unsold, the less likely that a store will get inventory of the more updated specialty sets. My Walmart never saw the Tom & Jerry, for example, but they still have a crapload of the older Batman and GoTG2 as well.

    They would likely be better off cutting production by a lot and offering them to hobby shops too, but that would blow the “exclusive” thing.

    1. The Beatles Walmart exclusive wave disappeared quickly from pegs up here in Ottawa, Canada, but those were the exceptions, not the rule. (Not to be confused with the Beatles Pop Culture wave, which also vanished from pegs just as quickly.)

      These Walmart exclusive licensed character Hot Wheels series generally end up in Dollarama after a couple of months, which is pretty much the only place I ever buy any of these. Most of them aren’t of any interest to me because the cars themselves usually aren’t licensed castings (because, obviously, Mattel already had to pay for the rights to the character license) although I have picked up a couple of these at Dollarama when the car itself was also licensed (like that Captain America Ford).

      I did pick up that entire Superman wave from several years ago as almost all of the cars were licensed. Was totally worth it to get a Pontiac GTO with the Superfriends logo.

  3. Thankful to find the new zamacs after swimming through these, F&F, Lambo, and Batman nonsense in the dump bin. Also thankful that someone left a Bluebird zamac so late in the day.

  4. Instead of mainlines, we get these in the Netherlands too. And most go from discount bin to discount bin. Stores think they will sell because they have familiar characters on them. So they order and Mattel is getting it’s money anyway. At least I think this is how it works.

  5. I once found a Spiderman-themed ‘Evil Twin’ while digging in a dump bin. I picked it up, because I liked the casting and the paint job (nearly all black). Only later did I discover it was a ‘chase’ car….Still watching for Mattel to pull those shenanigans again.

  6. Guardians of the Galaxy consume space like the Spiderman, Batman and yes, Star Wars. Did I leave any out? Oh yes, Tom & Jerry.. did I leave anything out? Probably, so brace yourselves for more shelf clogging!

  7. Those new justice league car’s coming out are all awesome. I will be on the hunt for all of those thumbs up.

  8. I could not possibly care less about the Justice League crap, but I AM interested in what’s in the background of that lead pic…I’ve yet to spot any of the Lamborghini set at any of my local stores. I’ve been patient, but I’m startin’ to get antsy.

  9. I am really tired of going to Walmart every so often to see bins that are 3 months old and are literally falling apart. Cards wrecked, tons of loose cars at the bottom, etc. However, the issue addressing the character cars leads to this issue. When the BMW and Camaro sets came out, There was considerably less of this happening. Those car manufacturer series are able to satasfy both adults AND children. However- these Marvel/superman stuff only satisfies children, and the occasional collector- few and far between. These awful series need to stop.

  10. Absolute garbage. Will not sell to any serious adult collectors. Will sit for MONTHS just like GOTG, Spiderman, Star Wars, Avengers, etc etc

  11. Loads of these types of series clogging the pegs here in the UK too! Not sure who actually buys them, collectors aren’t usually into generics (with a few exceptions eg Twin Mill, Mad Manga), and the price point is around double that of the basics, so reducing the appeal to kids (parents)…the Porsche series and BMW series seemed to go well here, so guess there is a market for realistic premiums, (bet car culture would fly off the pegs if we ever got it).

  12. I loath these series with a passion. All are major peg warmers here in all the supermarkets. Super Mario, Batman, Marvel or Star Wars. No one is going to pay twice the price for what is essentially a basic main line which are mostly plastic. No thanks.

  13. In CH these kind of series are are hanging on the pegs for ever,.. we only got the bmw and gt series who were flying off the pegs. The same for southern germany, but there they got also the porsche and lamborghini sets. Currently in scotland: same picture that in germany

  14. Don’t forget to mention the old Fast and Furious cars that you can still find warming pegs at Walmart all severely beat up beyond recognition with torn cards and sometimes stolen right out of the package. I have a Walmart next to my town that’s pegs are literally still filled with really old remnants of Camaro Fifty and Fast and Furious cars! Both these sets came out four-seven months ago and they haven’t seen a hint of basics ever since! These stupid Marvel cars will make matters worse! I hate how some Walmarts dedicate a whole dump bin just for these awful cars! Just like Ezra Blasing mentioned, these awful series need to stop!

  15. Imagine a store that only does these things and mainlines, no premium, Zamacs or Autoworld, Greenlight, M2 for that matter etc…welcome to the UK!

  16. HEY HOT WHEELS, are you reading???? I have to agree with most of these comments about these hanging on pegs forever, I just took a cross country trip and it took all the way from Texas to OHIO to find any hint on NEW series, it was the Lambo series that got dumped in a bin in Ohio as well as giving HALF the peg space to consume, I didn’t have too much argument with that, but back here at home there is an entire endcap of GOTG and Spiderman, in the middle of Missouri, there were even some BMW cards still sitting around there. I think if Mattel were to send these STRAIGHT to the Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar chains, it will help the regular consumer get to what they want to see on the peg instead of castings that are has beens to most of us.

  17. Forgot to mention the SHOCK of nearly $5 for a car of this magnitude, now stupidly, I didn’t do the exchange rate into USD, but I think that is a bit up there for this type of car, wonder what the price on the Lambos next to this set cost each???

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