The Hot Wheels Hakosuka Skyline Wagon is going to be special.

Duh.  Of course it is going to be special.  It is a wagon, it is a Skyline.  And its debuting in Car Culture.  Based on the first sample, Jun Imai hit this one out of the park:

Just think of this next to its 510 Wagon counterpart.  I’m giddy.

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  1. Going to have to find a pearl purple-y color to match this. For some reason I want to make my own matching this, lol. No blue interior/grill however.

  2. As great as this looks (and it really does look great), it would have been been nice to see a model that doesn’t look quite so much like the existing 510 wagon…maybe something a little more obscure. Regardless though, ANY station wagon is a welcome addition to the lineup for me 🙂

    1. I’m with you. But at the same time most Hot Wheels buyers have no idea what a hakosuka is. As much as I’d like to see a Toyopet Masterline wagon, Nissan Gloria W40, Mitsubishi Colt Vista, Toyota KE26 Corolla, or Honda Life VA, some people would still complain that each one looks too much like something else, or is too obscure, or isn’t a ’57 Chevy Belair/63 Corvette/70 AAR Cuda. I’ll pick up a hako wagon if I can find one. But I’m more excited about getting a C130 Laurel than my seventh pre-1977 Mattel Skyline. Cheers

    2. A friend of mine just picked up a really clean Vista. It’s so ugly/awesome. I do think there is room in the HW lineup for an early MPV, especially since there is a niche community turning Eagle Summits into drag racing cars. Kind of like turbo Caravans.

      But I would rather see a Renault Alpine A110 from HW than any MPV.

    3. Excuse me. He got a Prairie/Stanza. Not that it matters. I don’t see many people doing stuff with those though- the Colts are more popular due to 4G63 swaps and SR20’s are known to pull a premium two weeks before race wars.

  3. I don’t like slammed cars. It’s a mess-up on a car like this. I hope to see it with a normal stance.
    Tuning cars suck (for me).

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