Coming soon to Tarmac Works: Advan Evo, BMW E30, and yes, a Hello Kitty AMG GT3

A few times each year, a model comes out that hits your “must-have” list instantly.  It might be a brand you collect, it might not.  But you see it, and you have to have it.

Usually it is a replica of a car you love, but sometimes it comes totally out of left field.  Sometimes it is a combo of the two.  Enter the latest from Tarmac Works.  The gang at TW have some new products on the way, and one casting is debuting here at Lamley.  When I saw it, it was an instant must-have.  A crazy cool car, with a livery that makes it infinitely cooler.

Say hello to the Tarmac Works 1/64 replica of the Kornely Motorsports Hello Kitty Mercedes-AMG GT3:


Look at that!!  First off, it is our first glance at a completed TW AMG GT3, and it is awesome.  The details are all there, and it looks to be spot on.  Second, that livery!!  Black, white, with pink trim and a Hello Kitty logo.  The real car exists, and is part of the Blancpain GT Series:


So yes, yes, and yes.  I have to have that.  The AMG GT3 is slated for release a little later this year.


Also coming about that time is another Euro Racer, only from a different era.  The BMW E30 M3 is also on its way:


So far it will com in two licensed liveries, with more bound to come.

But those are slated for later this year.  Coming this week?  Two more Mitsubishi Lancer Evos, one in plain blue and another sporting the iconic Advan livery.

I have already featured the Evo in black, and it is a stunner.  These additional two are also must-haves.


The Evos will be available at the Tarmac Works store this week, and other retailers soon. I will keep everyone updated.

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