The Lamley Daily: 2012 Hot Wheels Mad Manga

#lamleydaily – July 29, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels Mad Manga

Line: 2012 Mainline (New Models Recolor)

Where to get it: There are a couple on eBay, but not many

Why it’s in the collection: Because, even with his paws all over the current direction of Hot Wheels Design, Jun Imai’s greatest model remains the Mad Manga.  Already five years after its initial release, it is hard to remember how out-of-leftfield the Mad Manga was for collectors.  This unlicensed model looked like nothing else, and if you weren’t familiar with bosozoku, there was nothing to relate it to.

But we are in the JDM era now at Hot Wheels, and this model fits right in.  I credit models like two 510’s and the pair of Skylines released in 2011 as the models that ushered in this era, but it may be the Mad Manga.  It didn’t introduce a car to Hot Wheels collectors, it introduced a culture.  Things have been very different since.

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  1. Definitely a ballsy model to do for Mattel. I believe I have most of the releases, and the wild paint and decos fit in perfectly with this type of vehicle. I was familiar with bosozoku before the Mad Manga, but never thought anyone would immortalize it in $1 diecast form. Glad they did though.

  2. Also, the ebay search is more useful if you take out the “2012” part. Lots more listings without the year.

  3. I am collecting Hotwheels since 2008 and when that Mad Manga (which is based on a Skyline) arrived in the shop (back then the best way to get info before hitting the toy shops was, I went totally berserk, I knew that car and deco were 100% real bosozoku cars, I love japanese culture in many aspects and bosozoku bikes and cars were known to me since late 90’s, that REAL car in the 2 color variations is definitly one of my best Hotwheels memories

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