I opened the M2 Machines Auto-Japan models (Chases too), and they are even better.

There are two questions that come up with M2, and they have definitely come my way with the new Auto-Japan series:

  1. How do they compare with other small scale models size-wise?
  2. How is the quality, and do they roll?

Well, let me answer those.  In order to answer them, I need to open them.  So I did:

As you can see, I chickened out on getting them off the base.  That happens with models like this (i.e. Kyosho, Mattel exclusives in plastic cases) and the tools I had didn’t suffice when I filmed the video.  But I got a few pics of the models on their bases, and it became obvious that out of their packages these look even better.

Those photos are fine, but those darn bases.  Really, to answer those questions I need them off the bases.  We already know they look good.  Alas:

Done.  My new screwdriver worked wonders.  Now to get them photographed properly in my standard studio.  In the meantime, the first question:

  • How do they compare with other small scale models size-wise?

Well, here are a few pics.  Pick out the M2 Skyline:


From left to right: Hot Wheels, Matchbox, M2, Tomica Limited Vintage, Kyosho.  Fits in nicely right?  Some more comparison shots:

Now the others:



Right smack dab in the middle.  You can put these M2 models right next to any, with the possible exception of the Hot Wheels.  I wouldn’t have predicted that.  They look particularly good with the other premium brands like TLV and Kyosho.

Alright, question #2:

  • How is the quality, and do they roll?

There is ongoing concern about how fragile M2 models are, and that the level of quality isn’t there.  For openers like me the models can easily break.  Well, surely these can break.  But no models fell apart, and I would have to break them myself.  I am careful with the opening hoods for example, and the mirrors, but I would expect them to be fragile.  In my exprience, Greenlight models show up broken or with bent axles more often.  But it is a concern.  With my 9 models specifically, no problems outside of a crooked white line on the tires.

And they roll.  And roll well.  Honestly, since I opened these I have been even more impressed.  Check out the M2 together with a Kyosho GT-R (the Kyosho is in the front):

Seriously, this set is significant not only because it is M2 jumping into JDM.  It is significant for US collectors who maybe can’t jump as deep as they would like into premium Japanese brands like TLV or Kyosho.  M2 is providing stock, modded, and racing JDM models in smallscale.  And they are doing it really well.

I’m not done with these.  Lamley photos coming soon.  Now go out and find them at Walmart or grin and bear it on eBay:


10 Replies to “I opened the M2 Machines Auto-Japan models (Chases too), and they are even better.”

  1. Much to my surprise, I was able to find the whole set at a Walmart next to my hometown! They were sitting on the top shelf. I never thought I would ever find these! I thought my luck would be on the same fate as the VW Trucks but I guess checking the store at 9:00 in the morning helped matters. Let me tell ya, when I saw that authentic Japanese packaging, I was stoked! These are so sweeeeet! Love all of ’em! Definitely my all time favorite M2s I have! The best one in my opinion is the yellow Skyline with the tilt bonnet! Awesome!

  2. I am really excited for these, but is stupid tire coloring the best thing they could come up with for the chase models?

  3. Disappointed, that M2 decided to make this casting more like their basic “Drivers” line, which is not so detailed as premium (opening doors, transparent headlights… ).

    1. i think it is a smart move. The lack of opening features allows crisper lines for the doors and hoods. Plus the fit of the opeing features is always hit and miss. It does still have the clear lenses.

  4. I’m with Ben on the wheels for the chase models. Hate them! I don’t understand why the supposedly more desirable models either have no paint at all or unrealistic tires. This is one case where Hot Wheels has the right idea for Super Treasure Hunts- superior paint and superior wheels/tires to the regular car. That being said, I have a set of the regular issues on pre-order and am on the hunt for the Wal-Mart set. Very excited for this series!

  5. Are the red tires supposed to be their version of Hot Wheels Redlines? If so, they need a better gimmick. 🙄

  6. I just wonder if this M2 machine version can race on track? Like a hot wheels… Bcause i noticed tht the tire is different colour…

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