The Joy of Opening a Super TH: Chevy C10 & ’69 Chevelle

A few days ago I opened a Hot Wheels US L Case for an unboxing video, and for the first time, I pulled a Super TH.  First time for an unboxing at least.  The ’69 Chevelle is most certainly on my want list, so it was sure going to be opened.

And considering I had a Chevy C10, another Super TH on the want list and traded for, waiting to be opened as well, I opened both:

Super TH’s sometimes are only about the chase.  Other times, limited or not they are must haves.  These two do not disappoint in the least.

Of the Supers this year, I now have the Toyota Off-Road, ’67 Camaro, and upcoming Fairlady Z on the want list.  Chevy II, Acura NSX, C10, and Chevelle all checked off.

Click on the photos for a larger view.

7 Replies to “The Joy of Opening a Super TH: Chevy C10 & ’69 Chevelle”

  1. Is the Surf Crate a super TH this year? I don’t actually collect TH’s unless I like that model, but I did find a Super TH last week out of a freshly opened batch at my local Family Dollar.

  2. Awesome 1967 Chevy C10 pickup truck and 1969 chevelle SS 396 super treasure Hunt’s you open up and reviewed congrats thumbs up. I got lucky back in march at my Target. I was there at the right place at the right time.because while I was there they just put out a brand new hotwheels shipper and I found the 1967 Chevy C10 pickup truck super treasure hunt and I open it up also. I open up all of my super treasure Hunt’s and all of my hotwheels thumbs up. I’m still on the hunt for the 1969 chevelle SS 396 super treasure hunt thumbs up. I also have the 1963 Chevy Nova ||, Toyota Baja off road 4X4 pickup truck, and the surf crate super treasure Hunt’s from this year in my collection thumbs up.

    1. Lucky! I’m in a bit of a dry spell for Super THs. I got the Chevy II, but other than that it’s been quite a while.

  3. The Chevelle is pretty nice, but that C10! Gorgeous. I don’t recall if you featured that one back when it was brand new, but these nice pictures are making me want it even more than I did before.

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