This is the era of Nissan GT-R 1/64 overload. And the new Hot Wheels version tells me I am not sick of it one bit.

I don’t blame any 1/64 collector who is a bit tired of the Nissan GT-R.  For the last few years it has been everywhere.  The first US batch of Majorette has two, Kyosho has dedicated entire releases to it (including one this fall), and Tomica Limited Vintage will have released over 15 (more I think, I lost count) by the end of the year.

(HW Nissan GT-R on ebay)


There have been a lot.  And now Hot Wheels is releasing its second GT-R casting.  It released a first-gen R35 in 2009, and now comes the second.  Maybe by now, with all the GT-R’s, I would take a “been there, done that” approach to this release.  Not in the least.

It might be the best new mainline casting of the year, and my favorite 1/64 GT-R ever.

Crazy, right?  2017 has been a loaded year for new castings, from the REPU to Fairlady 2000 to the Porsche 934.5 to the Käfer Racer, among many.  And there is a new RX-7 coming.  But this GT-R is as good as an exact Hot Wheels replica can get.


Even crazier, with GT-R’s released by TLV and Kyosho, INCLUDING the 2017 R35, how could I say the Hot Wheels is better?  Because it is.  Sure, I don’t think anyone did a better first-gen R35 than TLV, but as far as second goes, Ryu Asada’s wins.  Ryu got the stance right.  He got the look and the essence of the GT-R.  Every damn angle is spot on.  Those that have the 2017 TLV know what I am talking about.


(This is the first, and maybe the only time I will actually compare a Tomica Limited Vintage model to a Hot Wheels.  I don’t even feel right doing it.  But in this case, the Hot Wheels is better.  Man, that feels weird to say.)

One problem though.  The Hot Wheels factory might be undermining Ryu’s work.  When you have a designer as precise as Ryu, everyone needs to step up their game, including the factory.  I have seen a few examples of the new GT-R, and on some the front grill tampo is crooked.  Quite crooked.  And it makes the model not worth having.  Please, Hot Wheels factory, don’t make it so we have to thumb through several examples of the GT-R just to find one worth buying.  Do better.  It isn’t fair to Ryu, collectors, or Nissan.

Alright, factory foibles aside, this thing is a gem.  Let’s see this RX-7, and maybe a couple of others.  This will be hard to top.

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  1. Well, it’s your opinion.
    I disagree with you on that one though. Sure this is spectacular work for Hot Wheels, and way better than their previous work. But saying that it is closer to the real car than the TLV release… that just doesn’t hold ground. When comparing the two to the actual car, i don’t see it.

  2. That new 2017 Nissan GT-R (R35) is awesome and it is the best Nissan they have made in along time. I will be on the hunt for this one thumbs up.

  3. This looks REALLY good…you know, I liked the first current-generation GT-R Hot Wheels did, but this new one makes the older one less attractive by comparison. Look at that chin! John’s comment about the tampo application is worrying though…considering this model will probably be difficult to snag on the pegs in the first place, I can’t afford to “thumb through several examples” just to find a good one…hopefully that will only be a patchy problem.

  4. Maybe it isn’t as bang-on as the TLV, but again, like the Huracan Super Trofeo casting (I keep coming back to that comparison), this HW cast can hold its own when compared to the TLV and even the Tomica Mainline car (which I see as superior to the TLV).

    My Top 2 Best Mainline never changed (still the Huayra Roadster and Ford GTE), but boy the 3rd place is tough to spot.

  5. I bought one at Wheelscollector with the Entertainment Skyline R34. I hope my front gril tampo will be ok… 😀
    I think I’m going to love this one. The color is awesome.
    And when Hot Wheels realease a gem like this, they always have my preference over other brands (apart from Matchbox) because of one thing we don’t speak enough : they roll ten times better than Greenlight, TLV or M2 Machines. I know Greenlight & co are not supposed to be toys like HW or MB, but I find disappointing to have a cool looking car that rolls really bad.

    1. Here, here…and you can add Majorette to the poor rollers list. Hot Wheels wins the rollers battle by a country mile.

      1. Yes ! And to me it matters as much as the details, the sculpt or the paint.
        For example, Greenlight and Hot Wheels are releasing the same Skyline R34, in the same color. I chose the HW because I know it will roll like a dream, which won’t be the case with the Greenlight version (unless they improved their rolling system and made perfectly round tires…).
        When they go full premium, Hot Wheels are unbeatable.

  6. I personally think that, when it comes to 1/64 R35 GT-Rs, nobody beats the RMZ City one, even this HW release.

  7. Im looking for the best quality 1/64 diecast detail design including interior view, headlight and taillight… Dont care so much about the price is expensive or what brand… I have Rmz City Toyota GT86 and its better than Hot wheels version…

  8. Don’t forget that Tomica mainline also made two back in October 2016, with the first edition model in silver and the regular model in orange. You can get them if you know someone in Asia, but I can mail them to you for review if you want to.

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