New Greenlight Hitch & Tow, Running on Empty, and Hobby Exclusives are now available at SURPLUSgoodies.

I mentioned last week that the hobby store SURPLUSgoodies has jumped on as a Lamley Partner, as a great provider for Auto World, Greenlight, and eventually Tarmac Works.  They will have it all, including MiJo and Hobby Exclusives.  So look for regular updates on new stock, just like I do with my other Lamley Partners.

So here is an update from Jimmy and folks.  New Greenlight, including Hobby Exclusives.   All are here:

Greenlight at SURPLUSgoodies

Starting with the Hobby Exclusives, it is the Year of the Rooster VW that catches my attention, especially with that packaging.  You can never go wrong with a C10 Camper as well.

Also, new Hitch & Tow, with Green Machines:

Lastly, two new Chevys and Running on Empty:

Lots of good stuff.  And lots more to come.  Grab some Greenlight at SURPLUSgoodies and  keep checking back.

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