The Lamley Daily: 2013 Hot Wheels ’12 Mini Countryman Rally

#lamleydaily – July 2, 2017


Model:  Hot Wheels ’12 Mini Countryman Rally

Line:  2013 New Models

Where to get it: ’12 Mini Coutryman on eBay

Why it’s in the collection:  Look at it.  Why wouldn’t it be in the collection?  First of, I have a soft spot for the Mini Countryman.  As far as crossovers go, I think it is one of the best looking.  The Rally even more so.

This Hot Wheels casting is just about perfect.  From stance to detail it is right on.  Then add the deco.  Sure, front detailing would be nice, but the side and rear all were done.  And this one in British Racing Green.  My my.


Sadly, we have only seen this model once.  In 2013.  In this green, and other in red.  Then nothing.  Maybe a license issue, or maybe that fantastic spoiler is the problem.  With Mattel today that would have to be metal, or part of the window, and I don’t see how that could happen.

Maybe a Car Culture release some day?  A Rally-themed assortment would be most surely welcome.  For now, we have this one in green, plus its red counterpart.  At least we have these.

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  1. This has always been a favourite of mine. The detail involved is fantastic. Always wondered why they never came out with more than just the first release.

  2. Always wondered why this only had the New Models releases. Same for the Mini Cup (I think that is what it is called?), had 3 colors for the New Models release in red, white sand blue and only a couple multipack-only recolors in yellow and orange, and nothing else.

    1. Yeah, that’s another one that kind of disappeared…kind of makes you wonder, as John mentioned, whether there’s a licensing issue. The Mini Cup I’m not quite as big a fan of though…the proportions are odd somehow, not sure if it’s just a bit too wide or what it is.

  3. I still remember the ‘first look’ of this back in 2013 when the blog was still rather new. And I really, really liked this model! I sadly never had the chance to buy one and these photos were all I had.

  4. The Countryman in real life is bloated and bulbous…a complete caricature of what Minis should look like, especially next to an original one.

    This Hot Wheels version, however, I really really like for some reason. I have both releases and wish they’d do more, perhaps one with front tampo instead of rear. I had to buy 2 of the green one though, because the first one had a hole straight through the diecast, smack in the middle of the grille

  5. Just a shame that the actual car was a dire piece of cr4p – i had one, and was lied too by the dealership – it was so undriveable that i was allowed to give it back after a year and get a full refund.

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