The Auto World Ford GT40 Hobby Exclusives have been released.

Whenever I feature Auto World cars, I get an influx of inquiries on where to buy them.  Obviously Walmart and some Targets, but with a somewhat sporadic distribution, online hobby stores is a great way to go.

Especially now.  Auto World and Johnny Lightning, both Round2 brands, have just released the first round of 2017 Hobby Exclusives.  These will only be available at hobby stores, and mostly online.  I am most interested in Auto World, and this is quite a batch, considering there are two exclusive releases of the very popular Ford GT40, including another take on the Gulf colors.

Back to that question on where to get them.  I have been looking for a good online/eBay source, one that can partner with Lamley to get the word out on new product.  And after looking around, I am happy to welcome SURPLUSgoodies aboard.  You can find the new Hobby Exclusives at their store right now:

Auto World/Johnny Lightning Hobby Exclusives at SURPLUSgoodies

I am excited about this partnership, not only because they are great source for all the Auto World models, but because they order all the Hobby Exclusives, including the upcoming MiJo Exclusives.  Even better, SURPLUSgoodies will be an exclusive US seller for Tarmac Works.  The first models are on their way.

I will dive more into these AW Exclusives soon.  For now, grab a set.

The AW Hobby Exclusive Ultra Reds:

The GT40’s with their standard counterparts:




6 Replies to “The Auto World Ford GT40 Hobby Exclusives have been released.”

  1. Sadly this takes away from the hunt. Some of the best designs are held online only.
    I have but one hobby store that carries diecast cars. They do stock AW, but only the HO Slotcars.

    I have only purchased one diecast model online during my entire diecast collecting life. This spans 50 years of collecting. I got my first matchbox car when I was a baby.

    I do not have hundreds of thousands of cars. More like a couple thousand.

    I am proud of the fact I do not give in to the ease of grabbing what I find on the internet. Flipping through pegs is often more fun. The Thrill of The Hunt.

    This is just too easy. Id rather it be difficult to part with my hard earned cash.

    1. I have to agree with you, the thrill of the hunt is what’s so fun about this hobby. I have resorted to the internet on a few VERY limited occasions, one of which was the Japan Historics (which was fortunate because I never found a SINGLE one in the wild) but the vast, vast majority of what I have was found the old-fashioned way (and I’m only 30 years old, so this isn’t a generational thing) so it is indeed a shame that some of the really cool stuff from some of these brands is only available from the internet. I have precisely zero hobby stores near me that carry die cast, so unfortunately I’ll have to pass on these.

  2. Pegs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Plus the gas I waste driving around only to end up empty handed seems like a waste. I’d rather get the pieces I want in my collection, and support small business instead of Walmart (even if it is online). I do love the hunt, but I never find much of the good stuff on the pegs. The internet is just one big diecast store to me!

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