Speedhunters wanders into Hot Wheels Design, sees some stuff.

Petrolicious a few weeks ago, Larry Chen and Speedhunters now.  Another cool behind the scenes article for collectors to scour:

Speedhunters: Behind Closed Doors at Hot Wheels

You can just see Jun saying “Larry, shoot this, post it, and watch the collectors go batshit crazy.  It’s fun.”  Some of these photos are most surely sent with a wink.

It’s a great article, and if Larry Chen is involved, full of amazing photos.  So cool to see the Design Team opening the doors as much as they can.

8 Replies to “Speedhunters wanders into Hot Wheels Design, sees some stuff.”

  1. Awesome article about the Mattel hotwheels design studio center thumbs up. I like and I love the way they design these hotwheels vehicles thumbs up.

  2. Love the Civic Type R. It’s perfect! Highly anticipated for me. Curious about the new Porsche, it doesn’t look like a 964 Turbo (spoiler is not wide enough for a whale tail).

    1. I remembers eeing either post or comment from HW that the 964 wasn’t supposed to get photographed. But it was an early version of the RS Amercia(?) IIRC. I can’t find the message. maybe John can chime in.

      1. Oh. I’ve seen that message, it was posted on Instagram. But had no idea that this is an RS America. Such an oddball choice (feels more Matchbox than Hot Wheels)

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