Three Porsches and a Nostalgic Japanese, yet the must-have of Hot Wheels Race Day is an Acura.

I didn’t see this coming.

Surely the latest Hot Wheels Car Culture release was going to be a popular one.  They all are.  But this one, with three Porsches, including one new casting, a Mazda RX-3, and the introduction of the new Aero Real Rider, was going to be particularly so.  That was easy to predict.


Note though I didn’t mention the Acura NSX.  I honestly thought the set would be popular DESPITE the Acura.  The NSX Race Car has been around awhile, and it never set the world on fire.  In fact it’s greatest accomplishment may have been creating the desire among collectors for a more standard NSX to be done, which did happen a few years later.

So when the NSX was part of the list of Race Day cars, I paid little attention.  It made sense to be in the segment, but honestly the new Porsche, new wheels, and second RX-3 were what I was paying attention to.  And in hand, for me, the 962, Momo 978-35, and RX-3 are the stars.


But now that Race Day is out, something unexpected happened.  The first model off the pegs?  The NSX.  I have been to several stores and seen the other four Race Day models hanging, with the Acura long gone.  That is not what I expected.

But it is happening for good reason.  The Acura is awesome.  And there are several reasons it has become the must-have model of the set.

In some ways, it is a new model.  This is the first time it has gone full premium, with Real Riders and a metal chassis.  Hot Wheels took the opportunity to totally modify the base, wrapping it up the sides and rear, giving it a meaner and lower look.  Add the racing slicks, and the model truly has a whole new look.


Then top it off with one of the best racing liveries around, Advan, and boom!  You have a must-have.  Advan can make anything look good really, and the red and black looks so darn good.


That of course isn’t to say the others aren’t must-haves as well.  They totally are.  The new  962 and 935-78 look so good with the Aero wheels, and the Momo and Greddy liveries look cool too.  The set as a whole is pretty awesome.

That Acura though.

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  1. That Acura, you see, sports the Super GT kit from about 2005-2008. The old racing NSX didn’t have that, and this retool added in what was needed. It really pops now. Would love to see it with the Epson and Autobacs livery.

    Thing is, though, that 962 is illustrious. The winningest endurance prototype ever made, and many teams ran it at some point in its 10-year run. Hot Wheels’ graphic design crew will have a field day with that car, and it will be on a superpremium line as well as the mainline. That casting will go places.

  2. I’m actually “porsche’d out”. We’ve seen new castings in both the mainline and premium plus we’ve seen different porsche models in the Euro, Track Day, Air-cooled series and now the Race Day series so seeing the NSX GT get the premium treatment is a very welcomed change.

  3. I like and I love the car culture series thumbs up. And the race day set is the best so far thumbs up.

  4. Thank you for pointing out how different the NSX is from the previous versions…several folks didn’t seem to think it was different (obviously before they had seen one in person). I had ZERO interest in the earlier version, but this one is indeed very fetching. I maintain that the Momo 935 is the pick of the bunch, but I must say I’m kind of sad that the 914 is so overlooked (in this lineup and elsewhere). I’ve been a fan of that casting since it came out, and I think it’s a gem.

  5. I personally lover the 962 and hope for some closer to vintage liveries to show up on it in the future, or perhaps I need to learn how to get decals that small and make my own. The Acura was still hanging around last I looked, but in all honesty, there are NONE to be found at any of my stores so either I am in the black hole of new models in droves hanging out on the shelves or in the giant storm of peg cleaners to go resell. The 914 got a better set of wheels as I am a basic wheel swapper, but I still haven’t seen that RX3 in standard $1 form at all.

  6. I’ve finally found them!. Although I had to take a trip out of state to get them. They’ve yet to show up at Targets or Walmarts locally. I have to admit I was most interested in the Porsche trio. Although I am a fan of the NSX, I initially thought it was just a rehash of an existing casting that had been done many times over. Well, I’ve now opened it and have to say it is spectacular! Perhaps my favorite NSX now in my collection. While I still love the Porsches, I have newfound appreciation for the NSX. Thank you for highlighting this wonderful model.

  7. I’ve found the opposite in my area. Every time I see them, which has only been 3 times, the 935 and 962 are gone, or in lesser quantity. First time I seen them at all at TRU, 2 of every car, but the 935s and 962s were gone, I bought 1 RX3 and 1 NSX. Second encounter, 2 of every car except the 935 and 962, of which there were 1 each and I bought them. 3rd encounter, brand new box I watched being put up, so obviously 2 of each.

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