The new Hot Wheels Pagani Huayra Roadster is more Huayra than the old Huayra.

Wow, I might have set a record for the most “Huayra” in one blog title.  I will cherish that record.

But it has a purpose.  Hot Wheels released a brand new Pagani Huayra.  Not a new color, a new casting.  A Roadster, and it will get the supercar fans giddy.  A) Because it’s a Pagani, and B) because it’s an improvement over the last Hot Wheels Pagani.

A Pagani Huayra owns the road.  It makes the road its bitch.  It growls at you.  It glares at you.  The Hot Wheels version doesn’t do that.  It is too cute.  The new Roadster comes a heck of a lot closer.  I did a comparison of the old and new while showcasing the new Exotics 5-pack:

Comparing the two, I always thought it was the front end that wasn’t right about the HW Huayra.  Now I actually think it is the height.  There is too much clearance on the previous version, but it is corrected on Ryu Asada’s Roadster design:


Just that more sleek, as a supercar should look.  And now that we have both, they make a good pair.


Hot Wheels should keep doing supercars.  Just based on the surge on traffic I see when I post one, especially from areas like Indonesia and Malaysia, suggests there is a lot of demand.  It will always stink that Mattel does not have the Ferrari license, but maybe the silver lining is that we can see more supercars, maybe from some more obscure badges.  If they look as good as the Roadster, I will be collecting quite a few.


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  1. That new pagani huayra roadster coming out is awesome. I will be on the hunt for this one thumbs up.

  2. The grill has a much bigger opening than the old one which makes it look more like the real version. Very satisfied with the tweak! This will look really good next to the new AMG!

  3. I’m impressed…I agree that the coupe version just looks off, and I think, like John said, that it rides too high. But the front end was also off…it had too much of an upsloped chin, even though I guess that wasn’t the intention in this case. Anyway, they seem to have remedied both issues with the roadster. Despite its flaws, I still really like the coupe, but the roadster is so much cooler.

  4. Fantastic! One strange thing I noticed in the past looking at pictures of the OEM white/black Huayra is that on the back is says “Huayra” twice instead of one of those imprints saying “Pagani.” It’s odd that they missed it as everything else is so perfect. I ended up making my own out of a hot wheels since I missed my chance to buy the OEM.

  5. Another thing to note on the new Roadster is the updated hood. Look at the central part just below the windshield. On the real car that portion is a small piece of carbon fiber set into the hood. They’ve nailed it on the new Roadster!

  6. I have one of the GT HW cars which is the HW Gran Turismo Pagani Huayra… Im glad tht is a new one… Yes, and i agree with the new casting Pagani Roadster is more better… Im gonna get it very soon…

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