Majorette officially returns to the US and Toys R Us next month. Here is the first release.

It has been a long time coming, but Majorette has officially returned.

Now I of course acknowledge our friends overseas, who have been swimming in the Majorette sea since who-knows-when, but let us have our moment.  This is very exciting news.

After a very long absence, Majorette is back, and will be sold in the US starting in July exclusively at Toys R Us stores.  There will be three releases, starting with Series 1 in July, Series 2 in September, and Series 3 in November.  Each series will be completely different – no repeats from the previous release – and the assortments will be unique to the US market.

Majorette sent over the entire Series 1, which includes a few never-before seen new castings,  for a Lamley Preview, and you can see it here:

Three segments – Premium Cars, Limited Edition, and Racing Cars – all licensed, and all super good-looking.  I will be following this preview up with more in-depth videos and photo posts of the segments, and the cars, of course, free from their packages.

In the meantime, be sure to follow @majorette_united_states on Instagram and Facebook.  They are previewing some of Series 2 already, and will drop the news when the models officially hit.

I think Majorette will fit nicely here, and you can most certainly collect Majorette along with the other brands you collect.  If you aren’t familiar, you should definitely check them out.



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  1. As per usual – The US gets the new stuff and we here in the UK can go and get stuffed, i have not seens any new models for about two years, they are old rehashed cars or recolours…. but hey ho, i am off to France on 1st Aug so will hopefully stock up on lots of models then.

  2. yep too right, once again the US gets everything. Don’t get Me wrong it’s good news that the US is finally getting the brand on their shores, but for Me I’m getting sick and tired of it now, Tesco over here were selling Majorette until recently when they’ve started selling off all their existing items at reduced price trying to get rid of them and in it’s place…nothing. Asda sell matchbox but it seems to be limited to around three or four new cases a year and we don’t get any Of The Hotwheels special vehicles and limited 5/10 packs. Real shame as their Is a big market over here.

  3. I got a lot of the cars shown from the Philippines 2 years back so not too much for me with this first release. Look forward to seeing the cars. Hope they sell well for TRU.

  4. It’s almost getting to be diecast overload in the US these days- so many brands making interesting cars that are well executed. I remember a similar storm in the early 2000’s with the advent of Jada, Johnny Lightning, Muscle Machines, Racing Champions, and of course Matchbox and Hot Wheels. Unfortunately there was not enough room in the marketplace for everyone at that time- hopefully things will turn out better for all this time around.

    1. Not quite an overload-yet. We’re still missing (for the 1/64 scale) Motor Max, Welly, Realtoy, Siku and Guisval. Also, Kyosho and Biante. I had to find overseas sources to buy these brands (but I haven’t scored a Biante yet).

      I also found two other brands, Bingo (Korea) and Joy City (China). They may not be top quality, but they are interesting.

      While I am excited for the return of Majorette, which I have not bought regularly since 1997 (only sporadically and from Thailand because of expenses), I am concerned of the TRU exclusive arrangement. This is what Tomica did in their US return, and they flopped badly, thanks to poor selection and expensive prices. I picked up the leftovers at Tuesday Morning for next-to-nothing prices. I can only hope that TRU will keep the prices low and Majorette will expand its retail base or this comeback will fail, too.

  5. Matchbox + Hotwheels, take note. Full tampos, opening features, and good quality at what I have heard a reasonable price. Sounds familiar? You two used to be that way as well.

  6. Being exclusive to only TRU is a bad decision. TRU is overpriced. Majorette should also offer these at Wal-Mart and target where prices are a little more reasonable and client base is larger. I’m afraid that after the initial hype dies down then these cars will be slow to sell due to price and limited availability. And then majorette’s come back will just be another flop. There are tons of Wal-Mart’s and targets. Maybe they’re testing the market using TRU….but TRU is a horrible choice to start off with.

    1. Remember that the retails have to want them too. I would say if we collectors really make the launch successful at TRU, other retailers might come knocking.

  7. Very exciting…I’ll probably pass on most of the American stuff since so many other brands are doing them, but the Euro stuff looks very exciting indeed. The Lamborghinis, Porsches, Audi A2 and Renault all look great.

    Anyone know what the price point is going to be??

  8. Cars don’t move without wheels and the majorette ones are dreadful (runners that is) …most of mine are sitting in a bag ready to take to the local hospital….where they belong!!

  9. That’s great news! Glad to hear these are coming to the U.S., even if just at TRU. I’ll be on the lookout for a few of these for sure! Looking forward to the Subaru STI, Audi A1 and VW GTI for starters.

    How does the quality compare to HW and MBX?

  10. Paris shops are NOT full of the latest Majorette models. I still miss many of the 2016 new cars. I see a lot of things pass on the Internet, many of them boring supercars, and often with a bloated pricetag on a famous auction site.

    So, yes, hurray, Majorette quality is back, and the opening parts, and the suspensions, and the accuracy… Too bad the cars have vanished.

    Good luck in the US for finding them. Or not.


  11. Found the Series 1 at Toys R Us today. But they failed to impress me. Probably because they are US$3.49 each. If they were $2.49, I would have like them more.

  12. I was excited to find these today at toys r us. $3.49 price point. When I got to the counter, i was told they might not be able to sell them to me because they were not supposed to be on the shelf until 7/16. In the end I came away with the gti and the fiesta. (I’ve wanted both for years) I was blown away by the gti. It is so good! The fiesta was a little disappointing because it does not have suspension or opening features. Full tampos, size and quality are spot on though. You have to pick and choose with these I guess. I was excited about the porsche but it just looks wrong in person. The hot wheels version is much better. I’m happy that I could get these. Thanks for the heads up John!

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