You want Hot Wheels to make your car? It better look as good – and original – as Roy De Guzman’s Hakosuka.

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You have most likely already seen this Hot Wheels car.  If you are a reader here or at Japanese Nostalgic Car there is a good chance you have already read about it.  If you have read about it there is an equally good chance you have marveled at the awesomeness that is Hot Wheels doing a replica of Roy De Guzman’s Skyline.  You might have even felt a bit of jealousy.

The fact is, it is an awesome honor for an awesome guy.  And don’t read that as some sort of kiss-up.  He deserves it.  He owns a Hakosuka, like a lot of lucky people do.  But Roy designed the current look of his Skyline, and it truly is brilliant.  It isn’t random.  It speaks to many inspirations without going overboard.  Roy put a lot of work into this Skyline, and it is that work that deserves the Hot Wheels treatment.  And that is why it is so exciting.


Think about those who have been immortalized on a Hot Wheels car.  Race car drivers, current to vintage, car influencers like Magnus Walker, and of course a slew of automotive brands like Moon Eyes and Advan.  They are significant, and so is Roy’s car.

Before its current incarnation, Roy’s Hakosuka already had a following here in the US, but once it debuted at JCCS in 2015 with its new look, it went to another level.  Roy successfully merged the growing interest in JDM here in the US with a purely Japanese Kaido Racer look.  He actually made it easy for Hot Wheels by essentially creating a Hot Wheels design.  I have no idea what the ins and outs were to get it done, but obviously the right people noticed, and two years later that car is, and from now on will always be, a Hot Wheels.


A couple of weeks ago Roy shared his inspirations for his design on Instagram, and I thought it prudent to share here.  Plus I needed a reason to show my pics, because this too cool a model not to share here.

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The design, Part 1.3: Influence, Jun Imai's 260z Although it certainly has been done in the past, the use of a blank circle to evoke images classic or historic auto racing always had an intriguing look too me. Whether done out of necessity (from having to switch numbers constantly when participating in certain events) or just for style, I love how such a simple thing can really make a car guy just close his eyes and immediately conjure up an image of vintage racing. Jun Imai of Hot Wheels fame, has created a strikingly familiar look by using "negative space" in order to create, in my opinion, the same feel. Absolutely amazing! @kaidohouse Photo Credit: @japanesenostalgiccar #s30 #240z #260z #shakotan #kaidoracer #kaidohouse #jnc #japanesenostalgiccar #wild⭐️cards

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It’s a cool car.  It really is.  Even without its backstory this Hot Wheels Hako would be super popular.  But that backstory makes it that much better.


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  1. That Nissan skyline h/t 2000 GTX is an awesome car. I will be on the hunt for this one and any other ones that come out thumbs up.

  2. It’s hard to tell…is this a matte white paint? Either way, My eyes will be peeled for this (hoping for matte white though)

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