The Hot Wheels HWC Special Edition Blown Delivery goes on sale tomorrow. Here is a look.

It is most certainly what I call an “event model”.  One of those Hot Wheels models that grabs collector’s attention, no matter what they are in to.  It really doesn’t matter why someone collects – holdover from childhood, a gearhead collecting replicas of favorite cars, a JDM fan riding the Hot Wheels wave – these are the models that are on everyone’s want list.


The Blown Delivery is most certainly that.  A premium-only if there ever was one, it has never seen the store pegs.  It has been a mail-in, an event model, and an RLC/HWC exclusive.  And for good reason.  It is huge.  It is heavy.  And it is beautiful.

Designed by Phil Riehlman several years ago for the RLC, the BD is essentially a massive canvas for Hot Wheels designers like Steve Vandervate to go to town.  And Steve always does.

And he did here.  Tomorrow, the latest Blown Delivery goes on sale for RLC members – HWC members the next day – and it is a stunner.  Mattel sent one over for a preview, and I of course ripped it open as soon as I could:

Actually, of course it is a stunner.  The BD always is.  But this one, in copper with a vintage Phillips 66 logo and Roadside Service deco, is particularly so.

The copper wraps around the sides to the front grill, and sits on top of yellow-lined tires. It is not a color combination to see that often, especially on a Hot Wheels car.


I also happy to see nothing on the roof.  The spectraflame paint is returning to its past glory, and it shines here.

RLC members can get two per account starting tomorrow, and there may be some left for HWC members on Wednesday, with 8000 being produced.  But this won’t last long.  Every Hot Wheels collector needs at least one of these, and considering how expensive the BD can get on the secondary market, this is as good a time to get one as any.

Plus, it may be the best looking of the bunch.


5 Replies to “The Hot Wheels HWC Special Edition Blown Delivery goes on sale tomorrow. Here is a look.”

  1. Awesome blown delivery you got, you open up and reviewed congrats thumbs up. I will be getting one thumbs up.

  2. Amazing that Mattle has not got a handle on Scalpers selling pre-sales of these Special Order releases that are not even available yet. Check ebay out. They got ’em

  3. I can certainly appreciate the artistry of the Blown Delivery models, but it’s just not my thing. Neat to see them opened up though 🙂

    1. Same here. I can certainly appreciate the attention to detail that was lavished on this model, but I personally have no interest in it. If nothing else, it tells me that Hot Wheels can do it right when it comes around to a model I am interested in.

  4. Not really mine thing either but as you said , everyone should have at least one in their collection and this looks great .

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