The Completists: Antonio De Abreu’s massive Hot Wheels Custom 62 Chevy Pickup collection and customs.

I have mentioned a few times that I like to do features like this.  I focus mainly on the “diecast” of diecast collecting, but it is also really interesting to focus on the “collecting” as well.

We all collect differently, and there really is no wrong way to do it.  Opened, carded, one casting, one brand, everything, only purple cars, only Fords, it doesn’t matter.  Your way may not make sense to me, but it does to you, and vice versa.  That is why I always chuckle at some of the criticisms I see levied one’s way for how that person collects.  The mantra “collect what you like” is really the only truth in collecting.


And that is why I love seeing other people’s collections.  So seeing photos of Antonio De Abreu’s Hot Wheels Custom ’62 Chevy Pickup was such a treat.  To say Antonio is obsessed with the 62 Chevy is an understatement.  His collection not only includes every official release – loose, multipack, short, and long carded – but a massive variety of customs that he has either made or acquired.  If it has something to do with the Hot Wheels ’62 Chevy, he wants it.  He explains:

I started collection the 62 chevy in 2013. Started with the black 1st edition, then the blue flame one. 
I was looking to collect a certain line of car, my goal was to get all the color releases. I played around with the idea and done some research for about 3 weeks. I didnt want something everybody else around me collected, ie vws, fords etc. Because I knew then when time came for auctions, I would have less competition. Looking for a sign for what to collect I found the blue flame 62 chevy, and that was it, I made up my mind, as once a good friend of mine once told me, pick what you like then stick to it! 
I currently have all the mainlines from mattel, all open. This was my 1st goal. Once reached (didnt take long) I needed to expand. So then I started making customs to increase my collection. I  then branched out to asking other customizers all over the world to make me one, and I, in return would trade a custom. Some guys don’t trade so I have to buy some off some guys. 
Late last year another local customizer gave me the idea to also add the carded variations to my collection. So I have to start all over again into getting the mattel range, all the long cards and short cards from each year. Luckly here in South Africa short cards are easy to get, but most long cards I had to import. I have a few very good friends in the states that helps me alot, so I am very grateful that I dont always have to turn to ebay, as our exchange rate make that very expensive. 
I am now also looking at errors as well as factory sealed carded gems. 
I currently stand on 160 different ones and its growing almost daily. 
Dont think Ill ever stop 😉 
Always looking for people to add onto my collection as every piece is unique and awesome,no matter what level of customizing they are at.

Antonio was nice enough to share pics of his collection, all of which you can see on his Facebook Page or Instagram:

He runs through all the releases, some of his favorite customs, and then a bunch of group shots.  The variety on the customs is crazy cool.


The Custom ’62 Chevy has gone through some changes the last couple of years, all to save on cost to keep the model in the mainline.  The attached surfboard is gone, replaced by a broken board embedded in the bed, and a sunroof and grill modifications were added.  The model still looks good, and I am sure Antonio will continue to pursue them.  (These changes were not made at the time he sent these photos.)

But ultimately this feature isn’t about the model itself, even though it is one of Hot Wheels’ most popular trucks, it is about Antonio’s pursuit of all of them.  It is cool to see.  Enjoy the pics.  (Click for a larger view.)

The Hot Wheels releases (minus the 2017 basic release):


(Some of) The Customs as explained by Antonio:

army:  customs done my myself and Greg (USA) @filobedow IG
bellas truck from twilight done by me
Big engines done by me
Bike carriers done by myself and wheeliea (Andy in Canada)
boombox done by myself (I always try to duplicate the donor car into my custom, in this case the sound system, color and wheels, off the hotwheels mini truck)
box fat fender from @hotwheelsvic IG (USA)
box gas monkey from Alex @uniquekre8tionz IG (Hawaii)
box wheeliae (Andy in Canada)
back to the future custom done by me
camper custom done by me
carded customs from Jeremy Pietersen (hand painted South Africa) and Bart (Netherlands) IG boostenboys
A new character for Disney ‘Cars’, Chebby Chase, done by me
Chrome piece of art from @ant_hws (IG USA)
Cocacola done by me
Double cab dual rear tyre done by me
Dune racer done by me
Elcamino donor done by me
gasser done by me
gulf done by me
Hauler and Towers done by myself, Andre Pienaar (South Africa) and @witheredcustomz (Sean IG  USA)
Hello Kitty done by me
John Deere done by @riaanlot (Riaan IG South Africa)
Nascar superhero themed race trucks with different castings matching haulers done by me
Ambulance and police done by me, @riaanlot (Riaan IG South Africa) and Jaco Hauptfleisch (South Africa)
A quintet of 62, slammed, lowered, normal ride height, 4×4 and monster truck, all done by myself
Rust done by Sjor @sjocalspeedtoys (IG netherlands)
scratcher done by Pryor (Czech republic)
skulls body wrap done by me
steam punk done by TheOutlaw (Vernon USA)
super and super2 done by myself. I replicated the artwork onto a custom and then hinged doors and bonnet, added a chevy motor too. This one got a feature on #sundaycustoms from hot wheels themselves
superman done by myself
tracks done by myself
true flame done by tripple6 (devilboy customs USA)

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  1. Anyone wanna bet on how long it takes Trent Riley to say this is stupid? 😉

    Joking aside, this is a seriously impressive collection, and all the custom stuff really intrigues me…I especially like all the different types of rear ends Antonio has grafted onto the ’62 Chevy front end. Never thought I’d see a Fire Eater rear end frankensteined onto the Chevy front. Very cool.

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