Tickets for the 31st Hot Wheels Convention in Los Angeles are on sale now.

If you are new to Hot Wheels collecting, you should know of two major events each year. There is Hot Wheels Nationals, which is held every spring usually at a city located in the Midwest US or east.  And there is the Hot Wheels Convention, always held in Los Angeles near Mattel Headquarters.

The events are huge.  Collectors usually take over most or all of a large hotel, and between the in-room trading, special events, charity auctions, and seminars, there is a ton to do.  Add the exclusives (always a treat), and there is a ton to acquire.

So if you can be in Los Angeles in early October, you really should plan on attending the 31st Annual Hot Wheels Convention.  And make your plans now, because the tickets to the event are on sale now:

31st Annual Hot Wheels Convention Tickets

I’ll see you there.



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  1. I’m super new to this. Just bought my first Hot Wheels in YEARS because I wanted some toy cars for my (10 mo. old) daughter to play with like I had when I was a kid. Of course now I have a couple of the BMW CSLs and others that are just for me.

    Anyhows -where should I look to find a local club? I’d like to see some cars and customs up close and in general meet other folks who are into the hobby.


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