Here is a look at what Tomica Limited Vintage previewed at the Shizuoka Hobby Show

News from Tomica Limited Vintage has definitely become a thing.  Every month, as one release is happening, TLV will announce new releases a few months in the future.  There are always surprises.  You just don’t know what they will do next, and they like to throw curveballs.

The curveballs were definitely there at the Shizuoka Hobby Show held earlier this month in Japan.  TLV showed up with a few goodies, like their HIGHLY anticipated Mazda 787B, but there were other lookers as well.  Most notably, a new Datsun 510 Rally and Honda EK Civic:

These photos were taken by our friends at JL Hobby, who were attending.  TLV even let them take the 510 and 787B for a spin.  Have a look at the photos, click on them for a larger view, and get a sense of what is coming.  Lots and lots and lots.  Start saving your pennies.

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  1. That Datsun in racing livery is a must have.I believe that specific livery is where Hot Wheels got it’s inspiration. In fact I think Matchbox is coming up with almost a similar one.

  2. Can I just note here that the 510 rally does not have a roof rack?

    Also those trucks are just as amazing as always; I hope someday I’ll have the expendable income to pick one up.

  3. John – can you help make sense of how the Japanese toy industry works? Who owns whom? There seems to be a lot of crossover and collaboration between different brands, but maybe it’s all the same behind closed doors. Might be a good blog posting in itself. First place I saw #90 was as an Ignition x Tomytec project posted from Shizuoka –

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