The brilliant orange of the Tomica Limited Vintage 2017 Nissan GT-R

I really don’t care if there are too many GT-R’s in 1:64.  I have yet to get sick of them.  I certainly don’t collect all of them.  In fact, I don’t have very many.  I have all the Hot Wheels releases, some Kyosho (not all), and all from Tomica Limited Vintage.  There are a lot I don’t have.


And I don’t feel like I need anymore.  Tomica Limited Vintage definitely scratches any GT-R itch.  From Nismo to N-Attack to Nurburgring, there are quite a few.  11 in fact.

And now 12 and 13 are here, and they are TLV’s first 2017 GT-R releases.  And 14 and 15 are on their way next month.  They just keep coming.  And I will keep collecting them.

I am really happy to have the 2017 in hand.  It arrived a couple of days ago from Japan Booster as part of the May 2017 release.  And like all TLV GT-R’s, it is a beautiful replica.  Especially the release in signature metallic orange.


TLV works to get as detailed as possible in 1:64.  Hence the brake calipers that stay put while the wheel rolls.  Or the two-tone interior.  Or the subtly difference in color on the wheels spokes.  They even worked to duplicate the tread of the tires, which actually in 1:64 makes them look more meaty than they need to, although it isn’t as apparent in person, and only when you sit it next to older TLV GT-R’s.

But on its own, this is a stunner.  Both colors look nice, but the orange.  Wow.  It is going to take a lot for me to sick of these.  I challenge TLV to keep trying.

(TLV Nissan GT-R’s at Japan Booster)

3 Replies to “The brilliant orange of the Tomica Limited Vintage 2017 Nissan GT-R”

  1. Wow, look at that studio. Shots look amazing. And the model itself is smashing, despite being, well, a facelifted R35. Quite curious as to how the Basic Tomica (you never seem to cover Basic Tomica, which is a shame, as they’re quite good) and Hot Wheels versions fare.

    Aside: TLV should absolutely do the GT500 race cars. It would be wild.

  2. Bugzees does the R35 JGTC car. Unless Tomica did a version similar to the silhouette cars I don’t think they could make one any better.

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