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As is the Custom: My faves for the week of May 15, 2017.

After a slight scare (I may be the least tech-savvy blogger on the planet), I finally figured out how to post Instagram images to the new Lamley Blog platform.  That means As is the Custom happily continues.  (But be aware that previous posts didn’t transfer to the new platform as well.  If I can get it fixed I will.  Moving forward it will be fine.)

So we will get started.  And as I mentioned before, As is the Custom has a sponsor – 7Eightoys.  Today’s custom wheel – the Fuch-inspired #78F:


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And here we go.  Remember, all of this week’s selections were made by me, all from Instagram.  Be sure to use the tag #lamleycustoms for ensure I see your work.

#hotwheels #montecarlo #lamleycustoms

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Honda Acura Integra GSR Hotwheels 👉🏼SOLD TO NEW YORK👈🏼

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  1. Good Lord, I thought the leading pic of the Odyssey was of a real Odyssey at first…very nice.

    I’d like to see the process for the E30 Wagon.

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